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A 3D printed clock in the form of the Star Wars R2D2 droid. Featuring Internet time, Alarm, Time format and Timer with prerecorded sounds

This is my build of R2D2 Clock & Timer by jeje95 that was published on Thingiverse. It incorporates the Time Zone additions by viaraix. My additions include Alarm functionality, the ability to use either 12 hour or 24 hour format and code to flash the colon every second.

I also created a printed circuit board to hold the various components and an insert that slides inside the droid to hold that PCB.

3D printing
The original power connector was a DC Socket to Barrier Terminal module that was glued into the case. It does however extend into the case and limits the space available for the 3D printed PCB insert.

Instead I used a standard DC panel socket and reduced the size of the hole in the droid with a 3D printed spacer. They are both held in place with super glue. The longer pin on the DC panel socket is the negative pin. Print the spacer with a 0.1mm layer height.”

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