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Build and customize your own ESP32 Pacman Clock with vibrant colors and your own favorite alarm audio track.

Great as an alarm clock or just a cool accessory under your desk monitor.

Powered by an ESP32 with a touch screen it has very few components and synchronizes time over wifi. Users can also interact with the battle between the characters via the touch screen along with Ms Pacman and variable animation speed.

A great gift to build or give to your DIY electronics or Retro Gaming friends!


A few years ago I developed the code for a Pacman clock which proved to be very popular, however, the build was complex, and the parts were expensive so I wanted to make it more accessible to other makers. This started with porting the code to the ESP32 platform and searching for alternative ways to enable a 2.8” parallel controlled touch screen. Using the ESP32 created the opportunity to eliminate the need for an RTC module, expensive LCD displays, and a soundboard. It also creates the opportunity to use Bluetooth to configure in future versions.

Therefore I’ve put together three options in this instructable dependent on your appetite for complexity

Build Option 1” - Old School - Build your own using stripboard

- ESP32 Dev Kit 1
- HW-104 Amplifier Board
- ILI9341 2.8” TFT Touch Screen for Arduino UNO With Resistive Touch Panel
- 40mm diameter 8-ohm 3w speaker (Although you can use 4 ohm and 16-ohm speakers with a smaller footprint)
- Prototype Strip Board1 x Piece cut to 53mm x 80mm
- Female Header Strip - Cut to size 2 x 15pin, 2 x 6pin, 2 x 8pin
- 100 Ohm 1/4 watt resistor
- Hookup wire
- 1m USB Micro data cable

Build Option 2” - Learn a new Skill - Design and Order your own ESP Shield PCB via JLPCB

- This is a great way of learning a skill for future projects
- See the bill of materials in Step 3 of this instructable

Build Option 3” - I just want this now! - Order an ESP Shield, 3d Enclosure, or even a full kit-set

Components are built and tested to remove 98% of the soldering and wiring”

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