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This project shows you how to build your own I2C DC motor drive using a DigiSpark Attiny85 plus Arduino motor shield. To test its operation, I made a small RC car which used an M5StickC & connected to Blynk App. to communicate with this drive via the I2C protocol.

Please check my introduction video before getting started.

a. Main materials:

- 1pcs x M5StickC.
- 1pcs x DigiSpark ATTiny85.
- 1pcs x Quad DC Motor Driver Shield for Arduino.
- 4pcs x Small DC Gear Motor with Wheel. I’ve reused 4pcs x Micro DC Motor in the CD/DVD players and 4 wheels from toy cars, but it’s better to go with geared motors with wheel.
- 1pcs x LM2596S 3A Adjustable Step-down DC-DC Power Supply Module.
- 2pcs x Double Sided DIY Protoboard Circuit 7x9cm.
- 1pcs x Arduino Uno Protoshield.
- 1pcs x 2 Slot Battery 18650 Holder.
- 2pcs x Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 18650.
- 4pcs x Male & Female Header.
- 4pcs x Copper Standoff Spacers 20mm.
- 1 meter x 8P/16P Rainbow Ribbon Cable.
- 2 pcs x R10K.
- 1pcs x XH2.54mm – 4P 10cm Wire Cable Double Connector.
- 1pcs x Grove Connector.
- 1 meter x Two Core Power Cable.
- Cable spiral wrap, bolts and nuts.

b. Tools:

- Hot glue gun.
- Soldering machine.”

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