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Stealthy Infrared Human Proximity and Movement Module

A concealed stealth gadget that senses movement of any object that gives off IR radiation, i.e. humans, animals, etc, and blinks rapidly.

A device with stealth, military, and fun applications, this human proximity sensor is a stealth gadget equipped with the ability to freak out your enemies, or friends, and give you solid intel on others’ locations. It is tiny and concealed and hardly noticeable.

Since the goal of this project was to create a small circuit board, I needed a tiny IC. The ATtiny85 dip was the perfect choice. It has a load of functionality, including digitalRead(), digitalWrite(), and delay() functions that were needed to make this project work.

Passive infrared, PIR, sensors are sensors that have the ability to sense changes in infrared radiation, caused by movement of IR-radiation-emitting objects such as humans and animals, and produce a digital HIGH signal or a digital LOW signal depending on if there is movement or not. This technology is at the heart of almost every motion-activated system commercially available today.”

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