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Building your own Motion Detecting Messenger

Motion Detecting Messenger using ESP32 Camera & BME280.

In this project we’ll create a Telegram bot for the ESP32-CAM AI-Thinker board with a PIR motion sensor, a BME280 temperature (humidity and pressure sensor). For this we will use a ready-made PCB shield, credit goes to Rui Santos, orderable at JLCPCB, to attach components like sensor and camera. Later you will find a generic triple adapter here, as you see in the picture, which allows to use other sensors as well. For the moment we’ll create a Telegram bot for the ESP32-CAM that allows you to control your board from anywhere to request a photo, sensor readings or control the flash. Additionally, you’ll receive a notification with a new photo whenever motion is detected.

Project Overview
This project consists of two parts:
1. Creating Telegram Bot
2. Programming the PCB using Arduino IDE.”

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