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Automatic Plant Watering System with a built-in time-lapse to watch your plant grow!

With this system, you never need to worry about it running out of water again. Using a moisture level sensor in the plant, every 30 minutes the plant will check its water level and determine if it needs a splash more! The system also publishes all of its metrics about the environment around it to a site you can access from anywhere. If you happen to notice the plant is needing just a bit more water, with an easy push of a button from your cell phone you can always give it the water it needs!

But that’s not all!

Have you ever wanted to actually see your plant grow? With the built-in timelapse camera you can! Because you aren’t worried about watering, all you will need to do is place the plant in plenty of sunlight and watch it get bigger and healthier over time. All of the photos are saved onto an onboard SD card that you can remove to see the progression.”

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