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Automate plant care with a smart watering system: optimizes hydration with sensors & app control, for healthier plants & happier you!

The project is about creating a smart houseplant watering system designed to simplify and optimize the care of indoor plants. The motivation behind it stems from recognizing the common problem that many individuals forget to water their plants or are unsure of the correct amount of water their plants need, leading to either overwatering or underwatering.

The decision to make it is driven by a passion for technology, gardening, and sustainability. By automating the process, the system ensures that plants receive the precise amount of water they require, promoting plant health and saving water. Additionally, it can be helpful for people who travel frequently or forget to care for their plants.

As for how it works, the system would use sensors to monitor soil moisture levels and environmental conditions like temperature and humidity, dust, and air quality. This data is then processed to determine the exact watering needs of each plant. The system can be controlled via rometley using Adafruit dashboard, allowing users to manually water, adjust settings, and receive notifications about their plants’ status. The actual watering mechanism involves a pump and a water reservoir that releases water to the plants when needed. The goal is to provide a user-friendly, efficient, and tech-driven solution to plant care.”

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