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SparkUQM - An AI Powered Urban Quality Monitoring System

A SparkFun Artemis powered urban quality monitoring system with IoT capability and TensorFlow Lite based machine learning implementation.

The metro cities all around the world are facing a lot of problem because of the increasing population, which is resulting in an exponential pollution rise, which is a very serious problem and needs immediate attention.

But the problem is that there is no proper monitoring device for these Urban environments, so we are unable to get any reliable data. Even if there are devices to monitor the conditions, they are in limited number due to the current cost - to - reliability and accuracy count.

So, What’s the Solution?
The SparkUQM - designed specifically for urban environments. Please note that I have designed this device keeping in mind the Indian metro city conditions, as cities like Delhi are one of the most polluted cities in the world when it comes to Air Pollution.

So, let us get started!”

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