RedBoard Artemis ATP

The RedBoard Artemis ATP is affectionately called 'All the Pins!' at SparkFun. The Artemis module has 48 GPIO and this board breaks out absolutely every one of them in a familiar Mega like form factor. What's with the silkscreen labels? They're all over the place. We decided to label the pins as they are assigned on the Apollo3 IC itself. This makes finding the pin with the function you desire a lot easier. Have a look at the full pin map from the Apollo3 datasheet. If you really need to test out the 4-bit SPI functionality of the Artemis you're going to need to access pins 4, 22, 23, and 26. Need to try out the differential ADC port 1? Pins 14 and 15. The RedBoard Artemis ATP will allow you to flex the impressive capabilities of the Artemis module. With 1MB flash and 384k RAM you'll have plenty of room for your sketches. The Artemis module runs at 48MHz with a 96MHz turbo mode available and with Bluetooth to boot!

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