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Smart Plant Monitoring System

The Plant Monitoring System is an IOT product designed to provide climate/irritant readings to develop a sync & start smart irrigation sys.

The idea for the Smart Plant Monitor was derived from Deep Dive Codings IOT bootcamp. The idea was to design a functional device that would sense irritants, climate, and moisture levels for the health and well being of a plant. A pot and stand were designed via 3D CAD modeling and printing. The device is setup for a Dracena Warnecki “Dragon Tree” plant that requires light in-direct sunlight and 1 watering a week with a moisture reading of less than 1800. The device will water the plant based upon those conditions. Additionally, an dashboard was created to monitor moisture, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, dust particles, and pollutants. The next iteration will track amount of direct and in-direct sunlight for the perfect and deployable monitoring environment.”

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