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A houseplant watering system that measures environmental data and allows for plant-human communication.

Hello Houseplant is a smart plant watering system that collects environmental data and allows your houseplant to communicate with you about its need.

Hello Houseplant collects environmental data including temperature, air quality, the amount of particulate in the air. These environmental factors are sent to the plant along with soil moisture readings to help determine its mood. The plant can then select from a list of words and phrases depending on its mood. The plant then uses an MP3 player and speaker to say positive things when its environment is ideal and alert you when conditions are not ideal. An LED on the outside of the enclosure lights up while the plant is speaking.

Hello Houseplant is also connected to the cloud, publishing its readings and allowing users to activate the pump and water the plant remotely if they notice that the soil is dry. This data has also been integrated with Zapier to send texts when the plant needs to be watered.”

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