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1 device, 2 functions: A laser and an LED

Arduino UNO R4 is a giant leap forward for an open source community of millions

Custom Designed Breadboard Power Module

emu8080on4004 V

ESP8266 Word Clock on 16x16 Led Matrix V

Espresso and open source hardware?

German Board Game: Mensch rgere Dich Nicht V

Graphene grows – and we can see it

GREEN LANTERN With Reed Switch V

HackSpace magazine #65

Helium-burning white dwarf discovered

How to Find Heading Angle from MPU9250 with Raspberry Pico W V

How to Make a TV Remote Control Robot Car V

Imaging technique reveals electronic charges with single-atom resolution

K-type Temperature Sensor is Best

Mathematicians Excited About New 13-Sided Shape Called ‘the Hat’

Maximize your solar to keep your home warm

Midbar (Raspberry Pi Pico Version) V2.0

Nanophysics: the right twist

New algorithm keeps drones from colliding in midair V

New invention: The oxygen-ion battery

Power Deliverer with Current Monitor

Renesas Expands RISC-V Embedded Processing Portfolio with New Voice-Control ASSP Solution

SINCLAIR ZX81 Sound Digitizer V

STMicroelectronics makes lithium batteries perform better and last longer with high-accuracy BMS controller

STMicroelectronics reveals STM32 programming/debug probe with extended power-measurement range, enabling next-generation ultra-low-power applications

The MagPi 128

Toshiba Releases 150V N-channel Power MOSFET with Industry-leading Low On-resistance and Improved Reverse Recovery Characteristics that Help Increase the Efficiency of Power Supplies

Tracking and Search Function with ESP32 and arduino robot V

Ultracompact minimalistic 6809 Computer V2

Ultrasmall swirling magnetic vortices detected in iron-containing material

Universal HD44780 LCD interface V

UTEP Joins Project to 3D Print Batteries from Lunar and Martian Soil

Web Controlled Desk Lamp With XIAO ESP32 C3

Where does the Higgs boson come from?

An Eye-Catching 3D Printed Hexagonal Cells LED Lamp V

Arduino-Based Handheld Simon Game V

Attiny10 Chiptunes

Automated pill dispenser V

Batteries: Passivation Layer Mystery Solved

By Cracking a Metal 3D-Printing Conundrum, Researchers Propel the Technology Toward Widespread Application

ChatGPT Recorder & printer (Cloud Printer)

Cracking The Concrete Code

Detecting manipulations in microchips

Displays with more brilliant colours through a fundamental physical concept

Doubling a qubit’s life, researchers prove a key theory of quantum physics

EPFL introduces minor in imaging to meet growing demand from research

ESP32 IOT based Home Automation Project

First AI-enhanced smart accelerometers from STMicroelectronics raise performance and efficiency for always-aware applications

Hello Houseplant V

How to Make Arduino Hollow Clock

How to make simplest Arduino European Roulette Game V

“Inkable” nanomaterial promises big benefits for bendable electronics

Intelligent Notice Panel V

Learning to grow machine-learning models

NASA’s Webb Spots Swirling, Gritty Clouds on Remote Planet

New microchip links two Nobel Prize-winning techniques

New MPLAB® SiC Power Simulator Allows Customers to Test Microchip’s SiC Power Solutions in Design Phase

New soil sensor may improve efficiency of crop fertilization

Nexperia introduces the first application-specific MOSFETs (ASFETs) for hotswap in SMD copper-clip LFPAK88 packaging for 60% reduced footprint

onsemi Develops IGBT FS7 Switch Platform with Leading Performance for Industrial Markets

Reduced speckle on the horizon

Relativity Space’s first launch fails to reach orbit, but proves its 3D-printing rocket tech works

Renesas’ New RZ/T2L Industrial MPU Enables Fast and Accurate Real-Time Control with EtherCAT Communication

Researchers create breakthrough spintronics manufacturing process that could revolutionize the electronics industry

Robot Caterpillar Demonstrates New Approach to Locomotion for Soft Robotics

Robotic system offers hidden window into collective bee behavior

Samsung Announces Ultra-Wideband Chipset With Centimeter-Level Accuracy for Mobile and Automotive Devices

Scientists have made a seven-ingredient 3D printed cheesecake

Sculpting quantum materials for the electronics of the future

Semiconductor lattice marries electrons and magnetic moments

Shining a light into the ‘‘black box’’ of AI

Stalactites and stalagmites in the battery?

STMicroelectronics’ 100W and 65W VIPerGaN converters save space and raise efficiency in consumer and industrial applications

Surprise in the quantum world: Disorder leads to ferromagnetic topological insulator

T-Systems to Offer Quantum Computing Expertise and Access to IBM Quantum Computational Resources

Tackling counterfeit seeds with “unclonable” labels

TI pioneers the industry’s first stand-alone active EMI filter ICs, supporting high-density power supply designs

TinyML under the hood: Spectral Analysis

True randomness, by inkjet printer

Ultra-lightweight multifunctional space skin created to withstand extreme conditions in space

Unique quantum inference effect captured by cosmic X-ray polarimeter - New physics experiments opened up by a state-of-the-art space observation instrument

Verifying the security of electronic circuits

Visual CO2 Indoor Air Quality Sensor V

“Y-Ball” Compound Yields Quantum Secrets

3D-printed revolving devices can sense how they are moving

8 LED POV Using Arduino Nano

A “Nixie Tube” Style Desk Clock V

AMD Brings World-Class Performance of 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors to Embedded Networking, Security, Storage and Industrial Systems


Building an understanding of quantum turbulence from the ground up

Cleaning Up the Atmosphere with Quantum Computing

Customizing catalysts for solid-state reactions

DIY Advanced Plasma Rife Machine V

DIY the World’s Smallest Rubik’s Cube Solver Robot V

Efficient and high-performing vehicle architecture: Cooperation of Continental and Infineon

Engineering breakthrough in softbotics V

Engineers Keep an Eye on Fuel Supply of NASA’s Oldest Mars Orbiter

Everyday Work Safety V

FeedomBox V


High-performance detectors to combat spies

Increasing access to education for people with disabilities V

Magnetism fosters unusual electronic order in quantum material

Making metal 3D printing more efficient

Microchip Expands its Secure Authentication IC Portfolio

Minimizing electric vehicles’ impact on the grid

Mix-and-match kit could enable astronauts to build a menagerie of lunar exploration bots V

Modelling superfast processes in organic solar cell material


My minimal Arduino Nano board

Nano Cut-and-Sew: New Method for Chemically Tailoring Layered Nanomaterials Could Open Pathways to Designing 2D Materials on Demand

Nanorippled graphene becomes a catalyst

NASA Awards Advance 3D Printing, Quantum Tech for Climate Research

NASA’s Magellan Data Reveals Volcanic Activity on Venus

NASA’s Webb Telescope Captures Rarely Seen Prelude to Supernova

Newest 8 Megapixel onsemi Image Sensor Achieves Stunning 4K Video Quality

Perovskite solar cells from the slot die coater - a step towards industrial production

Phosphorus sets the pace in high-performance transistors

PiOnPi V

PLC14500 Nano

Portenta C33: The high-performance, low-price oxymoron

Quantum engineers have designed a new tool to probe nature with extreme sensitivity

Renesas Expands RA MCU Family with Two New Entry-Line Groups Offering Optimal Combination of Performance, Features and Value

Reverse-engineering the multiplication algorithm in the Intel 8086 processor

Reverse-engineering the register codes for the 8086 processor’s microcode

RP2040 based Pi-Day Bling

Satellite built by Brown students and launched by SpaceX shows a low-cost way to reduce space junk


STAR Physicists Track Sequential ‘Melting’ of Upsilons

STMicroelectronics provides full STM32 support for Microsoft Visual Studio Code

STMicroelectronics simplifies and accelerates wireless product development with certified STM32WB1MMC Bluetooth® LE module

Study Finds Ocean Currents May Affect Rotation of Europa’s Icy Crust

TI makes embedded systems more affordable with new Arm® Cortex®-M0+ MCU portfolio

TI unlocks scalable edge AI performance in smart camera applications with new vision processor family

Toshiba to Provide Samples of Clock Extension Peripheral Interface Driver/Receiver IC That Contributes to Wiring Harnesses Reduction

UC physicist explores mysteries of strange metals

Washing Up Liquid dispenser V

WVU lab’s game-changing high-performance semiconductor material could help slash heat emissions

3D-snapshots of nanoparticles

5A-35V Adjustable Switching Power Supply V

A 4D printer for smart materials with magneto-and electro-mechanical properties has been developed V

An innovative twist on quantum bits: Tubular nanomaterial of carbon makes ideal home for spinning quantum bits

BeaglePlay® from® brings fun to building with computers

Bending Time: a Guide to Building a 3D Printed Curved LED Clock With WS2812 LEDs and ESP8266 V

DIY Power Delivery Trigger

Electric Vehicle Batteries Could Get Big Boost With New Polymer Coating

ESP32 Internet Radio, MP3 Player, and Alarm Clock V

Flat, pancake-sized metalens images lunar surface in an engineering first

Flip-disc 1x3 Display - How to Control via Arduino V

Gabriela Schlau-Cohen: Illuminating photosynthesis

Graphene quantum dots show promise as novel magnetic field sensors

HRL Laboratories Silicon Encoded Spin Qubits Achieve Universality

In the world’s smallest ball game, scientists throw and catch single atoms using light

Integrated Development Kit Speeds Design of FPGA-Based Satellite Systems

Intel’s New Agilex 7 FPGAs Deliver Industry’s Fastest Transceivers

Introduction to Digital Filters using FPGA

Light, electrons and energy in the mix

Line Following Bot V

Look at Me Light Switch V

Lunar Telescope Will Search for Ancient Radio Waves

Makers, get ready to step up your game with the GIGA R1 WiFi V

Multiplexed 7 Segment Demo

MyVFD - A 9-Digit VFD Info Station V

Nakamichi cassette deck remote control receiver V

NASA’s Curiosity Views First ‘Sun Rays’ on Mars

New “Camera” with Shutter Speed of 1 Trillionth of a Second Sees through Dynamic Disorder of Atoms V

New Raspberry Pi Global Shutter Camera for machine vision and more V

New STM32H5 MCU series from STMicroelectronics boosts performance and security for next-generation smart applications

Next-gen AI designers won’t crush human creativity

Novel computer components inspired by brain cells

nRF52832 Helium Network Garage Notifier V

Purifying water with just a few atoms

Renesas to Demonstrate First AI Implementations on the Arm Cortex-M85 Processor Featuring Helium Technology at Embedded World

Researchers take a step towards turning interactions that normally ruin quantum information into a way of protecting it

Robot armies duke it out in Battlecode’s epic on-screen battles V

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) 10BASE-T1S and 100BASE-T1 Devices Transform IIoT at the Edge and in Higher-Speed Applications

SMD Reflow Hot Plate (new version) V

Sony Semiconductor Solutions to Release SPAD Depth Sensor for Smartphones with High-Accuracy, Low-Power Distance Measurement Performance, Powered by the Industry’s Highest*1 Photon Detection Efficiency

Speeding Up Extreme Fast Charging Capability in Lithium-Ion Batteries

STMicroelectronics 100V industrial-grade STripFET F8 devices improve figure of merit by 40%

STMicroelectronics’ all-in-one motion and bone-conduction sensor saves space and power in hearables and headsets

STMicroelectronics’ automotive-qualified micro-power op amp endures harsh temperature and extended mission profile

STMicroelectronics’ new STM32 microprocessors balance performance, power, and cost for advanced connected devices

STMicroelectronics reveals STM32WBA52 wireless microcontrollers with SESIP3 security, tailored for IoT devices

Superconductivity for sustainability: a new superconducting link for the High-Luminosity LHC V

tCam: Thermal imaging camera V

Titanic robots make farming more sustainable

Two-dimen­sional quan­tum freeze

USTC Realizes Highly Bright and Stable Single-crystal Perovskite LEDs

WiFi Smart Switch that finally worth it V

315MHz Jammer with Arduino and fs1000a V

64x32 LED Matrix Clock V

A closer look at the nanoscale and beyond


Arduino Nano Chess Clock

Artificial intelligence for rapid simulation of data

Artificial Life 2 V

Attiny 85 Game

Augmented reality headset enables users to see hidden objects V

Back-to-the-Future: Twin Pines Mall Clock

BasePairPuzzle: A New Way to Teach Students About Nucleobase Pairing

Basic RP2040 room temperature display

Bouncing seismic waves reveal distinct layer in Earth’s inner core

Class Countdown Clock With Raspberry Pi Pico W and MQTT


Digital Clock From 1800s (not Really) V

DIY Lakhovsky MWO (Milti Wave Oscollator) Device, Detailed Informations, Facts, Analysis V

DIY Smart Home Clock - OSC

EverythingUSB - USB that has it all!

Fluid Leakage Detection With AI

HEXA LEDs - Bluetooth Controlled Glowing Hexagons

How the 8086 processor determines the length of an instruction

LHCb begins using unique approach to process collision data in real-time

Make a Vintage Looking Wooden Digital Clock V

NASA’s Quantum Detector Achieves World-Leading Milestone

Neutrons reveal key to extraordinary heat transport

New material may offer key to solving quantum computing issue

Ovrdrive V

Periodic Table Clock V

Physicists Use Quantum Mechanics to Pull Energy out of Nothing

PICMorseClock V


pillScope Plus

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switch Adds Advanced Network and Security Features for Outdoor Applications

Qualcomm and Thales Unveil World’s First GSMA Compliant iSIM with Latest Snapdragon Mobile Platform

Quan­tum Chem­istry: Molecules caught tun­nel­ing

Reaching Superconductivity Layer by Layer

Renesas Delivers 10 New Winning Combinations That Include Both Automotive and Non-Automotive Products

Renesas Unveils Quick-Connect Studio: Industry’s First-Ever Cloud-based System Development Tool to Dynamically Create IoT Software

Researchers create metasurface that enables multichannel terahertz transmission

Researchers uncover new water monitoring technique

Reverse-engineering the ModR/M addressing microcode in the Intel 8086 processor

Sea of Segments V

SparkFun Electronics, InPlay, and Bosch Sensortec partner to release two new NanoBeacon boards

STMicroelectronics earns USB-IF certification for complete USB PD EPR solution; efficiently delivers up to 140W from a single adapter

STMicroelectronics grows ST-ONE controller family for USB Power Delivery applications up to 140W

Telling time on the Moon

Time Slider V

Tiny UPDI-HV Programmer

TI’s GaN technology and real-time MCUs power LITEON Technology’s new server power supply design

Toshiba’s Newly Launched Gate-Driver IC for Automotive Brushless DC Motors Helps Improve Safety of Electrical Components

Ultrasonic Air Drums V