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DIY Smart Home Clock - OSC

in this instructable we will show you how to create a simple smart home clock with a dot matrix display. The name OSC is short for “overengineered simple clock”. The goal was to add multiple sensors and IoT functionality. However, the small Esp8266 Chip has limited pins, so only two sensors were added: temperature (DHT11), microphone (MAX4466).
A custom pcb was designed to simplify the wiring process and reduce the effort to replace broken parts. The repository contains everything to get started, from the code to the documents and stl files.

Those are all the necessary parts for the clock:

- esp8266 wemos d1 mini
- dot matrix display (32x8 pixels)
- (optional) DHT11
- (optional - code not ready) Max4466
- piezo buzzer
- 3x button (horizontal, 6.6 x 7.4 x 8.35mm)
- 4x 10k ohm resistor
- 220 ohm resistor (not shown in the pictures above)
- pcb(not shown in the pictures above, see step 3)
- connector pins
- plug-in bridge
- 2x M3 x 55 bolt
- 2x M3 nut”

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