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Build a Smart WiFi Clock using Seeed Studio’s Grove Smart IR Gesture Sensor and XIAO ESP32S3

This project shows how to build a Gesture Controlled Smart WiFi Clock using Seeed Studio’s XIAO ESP32S3 and Grove Smart IR Gesture Sensor.

Gesture Control: The clock is controlled by simple hand movements. The Grove Smart IR Gesture Sensor picks up these movements and translates them into commands. This feature allows for an interactive experience with the clock.

Date and Time: The primary function of any clock is to display the date and time. This smart clock does this with precision and clarity.

Alarm Functionality: Setting an alarm is made easy. With just a few waves of a hand, an alarm can be set on this clock.

Weather Updates: This smart clock goes beyond just timekeeping. It can provide real-time temperature and humidity updates.

World Time: For those who travel or work with people in different time zones, this feature will be particularly useful. The smart clock can display the time from different parts of the world.

Time Zone Editing: The smart clock allows for editing of the time zone.

Backlight Control: Energy efficiency is a key feature of this smart clock. The backlight can be turned on or off with a simple gesture, saving energy when the clock is not in use.

Silent Mode: The smart clock comes with a silent mode that can be turned on or off with a simple gesture.

This project is perfect for tech enthusiasts, DIY hobbyists, and anyone interested in electronics. Dive in to explore the future of home automation with the Gesture Controlled Smart WiFi Clock!”

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