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Smart Alarm Clock: a Smart Alarm Clock Made With Raspberry Pi

Have you ever wanted a smart clock? If so, this is the solution for you!

I made Smart Alarm Clock, this is a clock that you can change the alarm time according to the website. When the alarm goes off, there will be a sound (buzzer) and 2 lights will be lit (2 LEDs). The LEDs will only light up when it’s dark (light sensor). The LEDs ensure that the room is brightened up so that you can stand up naturally. To disable the alarm, press the button. When you want to use the snooze function(+5min), you have to hold your hand in front of the ultrasonic sensor. If motion is detected (ultrasonic sensor), the status of the LCD will change.

Status of LCD:

Ip-adress of the website
Clock / date
Next alarm time
Temperature and humidity”

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