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UV disinfection robot

Ultraviolet disinfection remote controlled robot with automatic human detection and collision avoidance.

In this amid pandemic the disinfection is very essential to prevent spreading viruses. It affected every walks of our life directly or indirectly. The disinfection is very difficult in crowded areas like hospital, shopping areas etc. So the low cost and sustainable solution is more acceptable in this case.

The disease is transmitted by Bio-organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Its well known fact that such organisms become inactive when exposed to Ultraviolet rays. Especially amid this pandemic, UV-C rays are very effective way to eradicate those destructive bio-organisms. But its also very dangerous falling these rays on the human body.

That is why robots are relevant in such situations. Robots are in use for a number of applications where humans can be at risk of exposure. Robots are able to perform daily tasks with great precision, clarity and consistency with very little or without human assistance.

Here we are creating the Robot called UV disinfection robot . This remotely controlled robot also contains extra safety features like collision avoidance and human exposure. This robot is 1.5 meter long.”

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