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DIY RaspiCar - phase 1

DYI RaspiCar can drive, survey it surrounding and decide its next path. Best of all, the parts cost only $100.

DIY RaspiCar is an autonomous car built on Raspberry Pi, inexpensive parts and scraps. The purpose of this project is to build a car driven by algorithm without human intervention.

This project is structured in 4 layers as described below:

First layer - algorithm that interprets data from sensors, camera, and determine the car drive path.

Second layer - software modules layer, consisting of 2 sub layers of maneuver skills and car basic functions. For examples, the maneuver skills will drive car away from objects as well as drive around obstacles. the basic functions are tasked for moving the car forward, backward, turning, etc.

Third layer - is libraries and operating systems interfacing hardware, such as Java (JDK), pi4j, i2ctools, wiringpi, Raspbian.

Fourth layer - the hardware layer. those physical stuff, such as wheels, motors, servos, sensor, chips, board.

Now, with these layers clearly defined, from top to bottom. We now proceed to how to implement this project. For implementation, we do the reverse order. we start with the bottom layer then do the layer above and so on.

For phase I - includes the third and fourth layers plus some second layers.

Hardware used to building this car are listed in the hardware section.

Libraries used for this porject are below. I include installation steps in case you are interested in building one as well.”

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