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Every Star Wars fan in existence would love to live in a galaxy far, far away. They could wield a lightsaber, fly the Millennium Falcon, or in this case, take a walk in the park with R2D2. This Instructable will give detailed instructions on how to make your very own obstacle avoiding R2D2.

I decided to build an Obstacle Avoiding R2D2 for my Principles of Engineering SIDE Project because it seemed like a good challenge for my CAD skills. Guidance and materials were provided by my Principles of Engineering teacher Ms. Berbawy. The electronics section of R2D2 was given by user Nayantha KGD’s very own Obstacle Avoiding Robot Instructable. I used a model made by Zefy93 on TurboSquid as a reference for R2’s head and a replica made by Steven S. Pietrobon on Starship Modeler as a reference for the body.

Robot Materials
- Arduino UNO x1
- Toy car wheels x2
- Toy car wheel motors x2
- L298n motor driver x1
- HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor x1
- Arduino servo motor x1
- 7.4v 1300mah LiPo battery x1
- Male-to-male and male-to-female jumper wires
- Mini breadboard x1
- Swivel ball caster x1
- Ultrasonic sensor mounting bracket x1
- Arduino link cable
- Heat shrink tubing

Base and Assembly Materials
- Adhesive strips x4
- Velcro adhesive strips x4
- Wooden plank (at least 12in x 12in x 0.5in ) x1
- Wooden blocks (2in x 2in x 0.5in)
- #4 screws x4
- Screws (Length of 1 in) x2

CAD Materials
- Silver, blue, black, and red oil paint pens
- Optional: blue glossy vinyl roll x1
- White PLA filament roll x1

- Optional: Vinyl cutter
- Lulzbot Taz 6
- Lulzbot Cura
- Fusion 360 (or any CAD software of the same caliber)
- Soldering kit
- Arduino IDE
- Wire cutters
- Wire strippers
- Needle nose pliers”

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