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Hey guys iam back with a project which is the 7 segment clock using arduino, iam conveying my thoughts and all other things to make this

hey guys here I would like to share my experiences on making this clock so you guys can also make it and can neglect the mistakes which I made while making this project. I hope you can also make this, as I do so for making this clock you need to have some soldering skill not like the pro one but a little kind of intermediatestate, I use dot-pcb for making this but you can also make it from foam board or any sort of base, and the hard part is aligning the leds and make the segments look good and promising so if you are not able to do it precisely you can make a jig or any other king of ideology like making a schematic where we need to place the leds and and sticking it to a hard surface to make this, I also made a small controller board for this project to set time. If you have read till now ur great really need an appreciation, like a sort of return it will be great if you can support me by subscribing to the channel and without further a due lets get into making. stay happy stay positive :)”

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