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If you are a TV technician this project cannot be missing among your repair tools. I made an infrared remote control with arduino nano that allows you to send 3SPEED and Factory codes (and many others to choose from!) To unlock the darkened options on the service menus of samsung televisions. It is very useful all those times that, due to the impossibility of repairing a motherboard, we order a new one from external countries and we need to change the language. Furthermore, you can access the service menu by pressing just one button and navigate normally without making any combinations. The remote control is also equipped with an infrared receiver to acquire and record new codes from original Samsung remote controls (via serial monitor on the Arduino IDE, later I will insert the possibility to register codes without the need for a computer). To power it you can use the micro USB port of the arduino nano.

To find the relative codes of each key I built an IR receiver with Arduino and I used the example sketch provided with the “IR Send” library in this way I was able to decode the codes sent by the original Samsung remote control. To receive the special codes I needed (not present on the original Samsung remote control as they are special commands) I used a specially designed application downloadable from SamyGO. The circuit is very simple and the sketch as well. To extend the service menu there are also other ways, for more info see THIS page.

Key functions:

Power: turn TV on and off
UP: Go up
Down: Go down
Left: Go left
Right: Go right
Exit: Exit the current menu
DVBT Menu: Special DVBT menu dimmed on some older Samsungs (to perform tuning of the built-in decoder)
Service Menu Off: Access the Service menu from TV off
Service Menu On: Access the service menu from TV on”

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