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1 Watt FM Transmitter Booster

100 LED Oscilloscope V

12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900KS Launches as World’s Fastest Desktop Processor

6-bit Macropad V

An Ultrasonic Range Finder Using Arduino V

Aquassist : DIY Automatic Fish Feeder With Companion App V

‘Bubble-through’ nuclear engine might be a future NASA workhorse

Contactless temperature measuring using mlx90614 ir

DIY Smart Follow Me Drone With Camera (Arduino Based)

Engineering the quantum states in solids using light

FedEx Plans to Test Autonomous Drone Cargo Delivery with Elroy Air

Goku PCB Badge V2 V

Graphene crystals grow better under copper cover V

Graphene gets enhanced by flashing

GSM & SMS Enabled AI-driven (TinyML) Water Pollution Monitor

“Hot” spin quantum bits in silicon transistors

How to build Simplest PEMF Therapy Device V

How to make Mini Induction Heater

Intel’s Discrete Mobile Graphics Family Arrives

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin launches 6 people to space in fourth crewed flight V

Keeping the light from fading

Knobby: a little remote with a lot of possibilities

Labyrinth Game With Joystick and 28BYJ Stepper Motors V

Less waste from lower enriched Uranium targets

Light derails electrons through graphene

Maker Your Own Professional Bench Power Supply

Microchip Enables Qi® 1.3 Wireless Charging with Authentication

New Fermi arcs could provide a new path for electronics

Physicists create extremely compressible “gas of light” V

Physicists ‘Shine’ Light on Inner Details and Breakup of Simple Nucleus

Printing optical chips as a layered cake

Programmed assembly of wafer-scale atomically thin crystals

Quantum information theory: Quantum complexity grows linearly for an exponentially long time

Quantum Physics Sets a Speed Limit to Electronics

Scientists achieve record efficiency for ultra-thin solar panels

Smart acoustic devices: coming soon to a screen near you?

Smart Textiles and New Materials for Electronics: Current Developments and Potential Applications

Solving the challenges of robotic pizza-making

The MagPi 116

Toshiba Releases 150V N-channel Power MOSFET that Uses Latest Generation Process to Improve Power Supply Efficiency

Tracking Real-Time Atomic Movement between Crystal Grains in Metals

Using ‘ASSESS’ to detect subtle flaws in structures and materials

We played Doom on a R70 Raspberry Pi Pico with only 2MB of storage

Workshop tackles a critical gap slowing the development of new hardware technologies V

3rd Gen AMD EPYC Processors with AMD 3D V-Cache Technology Deliver Outstanding Leadership Performance in Technical Computing Workloads

8085 homebrew computer

A New Specification for Hyperscale Virtualization

A real Tamagotchi emulator for Arduino UNO V

Advanced Electrothermal models from Nexperia cover entire MOSFET operating temperature range


Arduino based Dual channel Oscilloscope

Arduino Text LCD Display & Receive Infrared Remote Code

ATtiny85 Snake Game V

Audio Line Driver using DRV135 with Balanced Output V

Audio Line Receiver using INA134 V

Autonomous nanomachines inspired by nature

Build This Intruder Alarm Two Ways: Using 555 Timers or a Raspberry Pi

Chasing the world’s first Brain-on-Chip AI computer

Cognitive Stress Detector

Decode IR Remote Control Signals of any Remote Using Arduino V

DIY Arduino Cyclone Game with WS2812B Led Ring V

Don’t underestimate undulating graphene

Driving TFEL with RP2040: Offloading the CPU step by step

Enhancing the electromechanical behavior of a flexible polymer

Gesture Glove

Glowing RGB LED Magic Cube (WS2812) V

Gravity could solve renewable energy’s biggest problem

HackSpace magazine #53

How to predict and manage EV charging growth to keep electricity grids reliable and affordable

Inside the Apple-1’s unusual MOS clock driver chip

Intel Introduces New ATX PSU Specifications

International Sea Level Satellite Takes Over From Predecessor

Linux Kernel 5.17 Released, This is What’s News

Li.Po. Battery charger with BT Telemetry

Macropad for Keyboard Shortcuts

Magnet-Free Chiral Nanowires For Spintronic Devices

Making quantum circuits more robust

Matrix Game Console V

Microchip Unveils Industry-Leading 3.3 kV Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Devices Enabling New Levels of Efficiency and Reliability

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Hightails It to Martian Delta V

New technology enables the detection of microplastics from road wear

New technology to make charging electric cars as fast as pumping gas

New world record for qubit storage

NVIDIA Hopper GPU Architecture Accelerates Dynamic Programming Up to 40x Using New DPX Instructions

OctoPrint Tracer V

onsemi Unveils New High Power Totem Pole PFC Controller Meeting Challenging Efficiency Standard

Photonic Technology Enables Real-Time Calculation of Radio Signal Correlation

Printing circuits on rare nanomagnets puts a new spin on computing

Quan­tum sen­sors: Mea­suring even more preci­sely

Quenching by laser increases graphene quality

Researchers continue to confront major hurdles in quantum computing

RGB Mixinator V2 V

Rxn Rover software helps small chem labs easily access AI for reaction optimization

Samsung TV Remote Service V

Scientists Uncover Surprising New Clues to Exotic Superconductors’ Superpowers

Seeing an elusive magnetic effect through the lens of machine learning

Single-Photon Source Paves the Way for Practical Quantum Encryption

STMicroelectronics’ 50W GaN converter enables high-efficiency power designs in consumer and industrial applications

STMicroelectronics reveals 2.5V rad-hard digital-to-analog converter for next-generation satellite applications

Things are heating up for superconductors

Third Eye for The Blind Person V

Tiny, cheap solution for quantum-secure encryption

Tiny magnets could hold the secret to new quantum computers

3-Phase Brushless DC Sinusoidal Sensorless Fan Motor Driver V

3D Printed Color Nipkow Display V

3R Planar Art Robot

AMD Launches the Ultimate Gaming Processor, Brings Enthusiast Performance to an Expanded Lineup of Ryzen Desktop Processors

Arduino DCC Decoder

Arduino flicker meter-Determining the quality of light bulbs V

ArduinoPiMachine V

Beam me up to 5G, Schottky V

Bluetooth Controlled Car With Arduino Uno V

Car game with Arduino and I2C LCD Display! V

Computational modeling guides development of new materials

Electronic Spirit Level

How to clean solar panels without water V

How to Make the SmartBox V.2

In a historic milestone, Azure Quantum demonstrates formerly elusive physics needed to build scalable topological qubits V

In-Memory-Computing: faster and more energy efficient

Isomorphism — Mathematics of Programming

ITMO Scientists Develop Method to Easily Synthesize Materials With Set Properties

Launching robots into lunar caves

Magnetic Levitating Lamp V

Make a Remote Temp Sensor with Permanent Display inside your House

Mathematical paradox demonstrates the limits of AI

Models for molecules show unexpected physics V

NASA Adds Giant New Dish to Communicate With Deep Space Missions V

NASA Extends Ingenuity Helicopter Mission V

NASA is cracking open a 50-year-old Apollo 17 moon rock sample for Artemis prep

New flow battery stores power in simple organic compound

New technique opens door to cheaper semiconductors, higher chip yield

New Tool Allows Unprecedented Modeling of Magnetic Nanoparticles

PALPi Lite Edition V

Phy­sicist shed light on the dark­ness

Physicists find direct evidence of strong electron correlation in a 2D material for the first time

Powering a ProMini logger for One Year on a Coin Cell

Renesas Releases Next-Generation WPC Qi 1.3-Certified Reference Design for Automotive In-Cabin Wireless Charging

RP2040 Doom V

‘Self-Driving’ Lab Speeds Up Research, Synthesis of Energy Materials

SPI Programmable-Gain Amplifier with Input VOS Trim and Output OPAMP

SPY Anti-theft Camera In LED BULB- ESP32CAM V

Stackable ‘holobricks’ can make giant 3D images

STMicroelectronics adds space-saving, 20MHz, low-offset op amp in high-performance 5V family

The Melbourne Space Laboratory’s first satellite preparing for launch

Tiny battery-free devices float in the wind like dandelion seeds V

Tiny switches give solid-state LiDAR record resolution

Together We’re Stronger: Developing A New Layered Material For Future Electronics

Touch Tic-Tac-Toe V

Toward a Quantum Computer That Calculates Molecular Energy

UCLA Materials Scientists Lead Global Team in Finding Solutions to Biggest Hurdle for Solar Cell Technology

Using ions to find molecules

Vintage Rotary Phone MIDI Controller

WeatherBot - a Motorised Weather Machine | 3D Printable, ESP32 & OpenWeatherMap V

World Alarm Clock V

WVU researcher makes magnetic reconnection breakthrough, may help predict space weather

ZX80/81 Project V

A First Step Towards Quantum Algorithms: Minimizing the Guesswork of a Quantum Ensemble

A tailored coat to beat the heat V

A Zigzag Blueprint For Topological Electronics

Arduino Digital Clock V

Arduino led roulette | Super simple and amazing V

Arduino Wireless Weather Station Using NRF24L01, DHT11-DHT22 V

ATtiny1614 Simon Clone V

Covid-19 Heart Monitoring System using Arduino

DIY Arduino VFD display 20x2 VU (Volume Unit) Meter V

Electromechanical 7-Segment Display

How to Make Table Edge Avoiding Robot || #MadeWithArduino. V

How to make Wi-Fi Controlled Sefl-balancing robot | ESP8266 V

Infineon and Sleepiz enable high-precision sleep monitoring at home based on radar technology

JHU-Created Material Could Lead to Lighter and Safer Helmets and Vehicles


Magnetism helps electrons vanish in high-temp superconductors

Mathematical discovery could shed light on secrets of the Universe

Molecules, rare earths, and light: an innovative platform for quantum computers and communications

Mouse Fatigue Estimation by GSR and EMG Values W/ TensorFlow

NASA’s Psyche Gets Huge Solar Arrays for Trip to Metal-Rich Asteroid V

Neowave - RGB WiFi Moodlamp V

New AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5000 WX-Series Processors are the Ultimate Workstation Processors for Professionals with Up-to Double the Performance of Competing Solutions


Obstacle Avoiding Pet Dog Robot TOMY Using Arduino V

On the Hunt for Ultra-Thin Materials Using Data Mining

Paper discs that can pick up hydrogen peroxide

Physicists steer chemical reactions by magnetic fields and quantum interference

Physicists Uncover the Secret Behind the Behavior of Unique Superconducting Materials

Power Monitor for Electronic Prototypes and Devices V

Renesas Unveils R-Car V4H for Automated Driving Level 2+ / Level 3 to Support High-Volume Vehicle Production in 2024

Researchers Use Flat Lenses to Extend Viewing Distance for 3D Display

Simon clone with Arduino Nano V

Smart Plant Incubator V

Smartphone Controlled Pick and Place Robot with Code

STMicroelectronics Releases Economical Radiation-Hardened ICs for Cost-Conscious ‘New Space’ Satellites

Sustainably Sourcing Coal Waste

SweetMaker MotionSensor Library Tutorial V

Talking alarm clock with 8x8x4 matrix display

Toward batteries that pack twice as much energy per pound

WIO Terminal AI gesture recognition with on-device training V

Working to Revolutionize the Way We Live

Wormholes help resolve black hole information paradox

Automated Chessboard V

Automotive Door-Zone and Rear-Window Controller from STMicroelectronics Adds Power-Trunk/Tailgate Capability

Building artificial nerve cells


Coproducing water and electricity powers crop growth

DIY Arduino IN-1 (ИН-1) Nixie Tube Clock V

DIY Split-Flap Display V

Double Lithium-Ion/Lithium-Polymer USB Type-C Charger V

Electronic Game - Four in a Row V

Fiber Optic Matrix Display V

Fostering a Chiplet Ecosystem for the Future of Moore’s Law

Gesture Recognition: TinyML for 8-bit Microcontroller

Green chemistry: Scientists develop new process for more eco-friendly liquid crystals


High Current Half-Bridge with Over Current Shutdown V

How to convert carbon dioxide into the building blocks for fuel

Intel Introduces vPro Platform for Revolutionary Business Performance

ITMO Researchers Discover New Properties of Metasurfaces Thanks to Ultrashort Pulse Lasers

Metasurface-Based Antenna Turns Ambient Radio Waves into Electric Power

Microchip Introduces Industry’s Highest-Performance 16-Channel PCIe® Gen 5 Enterprise NVMe® SSD Controller

Micron Delivers World’s Most Advanced 176-Layer NAND Data Center SSD

NASA’s NuSTAR Makes Illuminating Discoveries With ‘Nuisance’ Light

New developments designed to increase electric vehicle range

New Electrode on Board: Zinc Blende Type β-SiC Anode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries

New Imager Microchip Helps Devices Bring Hidden Objects to Light

NGI uses twist to engineer 2D semiconductors with built-in memory functions

piCounter v1.0 for Indoor Social Distancing Control V

Quick way to check quality of 3d-printed alloys

Recycle Plastic Into 3D Printer Filament at Home

Renesas Pioneers RISC-V Technology With RZ/Five General-Purpose MPUs Based on 64-Bit RISC-V CPU Core

Researchers Devise Attack for Stealing Data During Homomorphic Encryption

Researchers show how to make ‘computer’ out of liquid crystals

Samsung’s LPDDR5X DRAM Validated for Use With Qualcomm Technologies’ Snapdragon Mobile Platforms

Sketch Drawing Toy with CircuitPython V

Spintronics: Innovative crystals for future computer electronics

Stanford researchers showcase a new level of control over how atoms interact

Surprising Semiconductor Properties Revealed with Innovative New Method

Surrey unveils energy-harvesting wearable device made from recycled waste



V-I Component Tester Interface v2

Web Controlled Camera Turret