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Hi all,

since I m planning to use solar modules and accumulators to provide energy for some of my next projects, I have to find out how much power every circuit needs.

One way is to connect a multimeter in series with the load to measure the current. With the help of the current I would be able to calculate the power and work. But the connection of the multimeter for every circuit needs time for wiring. Furthermore I would have to observe the measurement all time and would be difficult to get a overall picture from many single measurements.

Therefore I build a power monitor to measure the power consumption of my components fast and easy.

- INA219 shunt sensor
- 3.5 display with an ILI9488 display controller and a XPT2046 touch controller
- Raspberry Pico
- Case from old charging station (any other case large enough should work)

- Soldering iron
- Dremel (depending on the used case, I had to rebuild mine)
- Hot glue gun (or anything else to attach the components)
- Wiring tools
- Matching screwdrivers”

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