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The dogs are considered a valuable partner of human beings in times of danger, loneliness, and happiness.

The dogs are considered a valuable partner of human beings in times of danger, loneliness, and happiness. Most people spend a lot of time with their pets in their daily life. The robotics dog “Tomy” is specially designed for people who love robots, codding, and also dogs. They want to put their own creativity into making nonliving a living. I made a robotic dog that walks and my aim is to help people to understand robotics engineering very well and also to aid students to put further creativity in their projects. And one across the globe can contact me for any kind of assistance, or writing a project report for any kind of project.

Well, let’s come back to Tomy the Pet Working robot that uses Arduino and ultrasonic sensors to avoid obstacles that comes in it direction. So this is a cute little small robot that walks forward and backward direction.

In this post, you will be able to find completed code to make this robot and step-by-step instructions with links to components used to develop this fact, if someone called this robot an obstacle avoiding robotic wouldn’t be wrong.

Walking Robot Mechanism
The mainly servo motor is an important component for the development of this project, these servo motors act like muscles to pull and push the shaft of the robotic Dog. The servo is connected with the Arduino and when the Arduino sends signals to the servo they move with specific angular movements. The decision of signals made on the data gathered from the ultrasonic sensors. The angular movement is in the forwarding direction with there are no obstacles and backward when there is an obstacle or when the unclear path is detected by the robot, so in short, the ultrasonic sensor is acting as an “ eye” of the robot.

Robot Leg Assembly

All the leg assembly of the robot and the body is printed on the 3D printer, and the horns of the servo are connected to the 3D printers but screw and glue can be used to but the body together, while the yellow part of them is the body of the robot where the servo will be made. If anyone needs an STL file then please comment me, or you can build your legs and body using any 3D modeling software.”

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