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Newone is a 3D printed, open-source transport vehicle designed by Open-ATS for an autonomous and rapid transport. Newone is the world’s first 3D printed, cellular transport vehicle programmed in Python. Using open-source software and 3D printed parts allows us to design the most expensive parts basically for free, which in turn drives down the cost of transportation.

The vehicle is fully controlled over the internet. Cameras on the vehicle allow you to navigate it all over the world with a notebook and a standard gamepad. We are using only open-source software (Python, Blender, Debian, OpenCV, Pigame, Raspian…) so it’s free and for everyone accesible! Python is the most advanced and easyiest to learn programming language in the world. All programs are written in Python!

Now 3D printers are cheap and the materials are strong. Our transporting vehicles are fully 3D printed. Everything is designed to last long and if sadly something breaks it can be printed within hours. In addition we designed everything to be replaced within minutes. All of the electrical components recommended are quality-tested and yet inexpensive.

Brushless motors for maximal efficiency and strong power output. In addition our cars are sourced by the same cell chemistry as Teslas first generation models, so no worry about endurance. Guess which onboard computer we use… The Raspberry Pi! The most used microcomputer.

And what’s even more impressive, we only use the Raspberry Pi: no third-party microcontroller required! Our team’s goal is to pave the way to an autonomous electrical future.

The plan should be a basis of building more complex and application-specific vehicles. We are working on vision algorithms so Newone will be fully autonomous in the future.

All our programs, 3D printed designes, electrical component lists, schematic are open-source that means it’s free to use!”

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