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IOT Based Smart Security Surveillance Robot


Now we as humans have always been intrigued by non living stuff moving around. Starting with throwing stones around we have now come at a point where we make those planes around the sky. On their own too. It helps us a lot when we are able to get to places wherein we can’t by ourselves. Firstly it compensates for our laziness and then it eliminates all the physical constraints that we might encounter. So it is always in need to bring automation in our lives to make daily stuff easy and admittingly fun to do.

Robots are what humans have always looked forward to but automation stuff is a bit distinct. Robots are ideally capable to do a lot more things than automated bots desire to. Automated bots desire to achieve surveillance and one other major usability that the maker would want to implement and this is in general though. Multiple functionalities could be put into place if in need.

To make such a bot we require to know about things in the electronic scene and also we need to have that software part covered up. To begin with the knowledge of almost all electronic components such as RasPi, motor drivers, camera modules, sensors, batteries is required. To get to control that bot a lot of programming acumen also comes into play. The codes though serve a lot of constraints as we have less memory to work with. The codes need to be short and crisp.

This project is aimed at developing a surveillance system which can be controlled remotely by using a website. It includes a robot with a Wireless Camera attach to it. This robot captures the high resolution video feed and transmits it to the connected local device which is used to control the robot. The live feed can be viewed clearly on the device.Also the bot is compatible with multiple users as it posses login functionality.


Wireless controlled bot having a maximum control range as much as the Wi-Fi server implementing it.
IR sensors for obstacle detection and notifying the same on the website.
Live 180 degree visual feed of the surrounding environment.
Camera angle control via the website.
User authentication system so as to have multiple users using the bot securely.


- RaspBerry Pi 3B x 1
- RaspBerry Pi Camera Module v1.3 x 1
- L293D Motor Driver x 1
- IR Sensor Module x 3
- Servo Motor SG-90 x 1
- DC Hobby Geared Motor x 2
- Motor Mountings x 2
- Caster Wheel x 1
- Fiber Wheels x 2
- 9V Battery x 1
- Power Bank x 1
- Buzzer x 1
- LED’s x 2
- Jumper Wires
- Single Stranded Wires
- Robot Chassis (3D - Printed)
- Nuts (M4) x 20
- Bolts (M4) x 20
- Small Breadboard x 1
- Micro-USB Cable
- 9V Battery Connector


- FUSION 360 (CAD)
- EAGLE (Schematic Designing)
- RaspBerry Pi OS
- Thonny Python IDE
- Ultimaker CURA (3D-Printing Software)”

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