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Klara, a solar LCD creature

Solar-powered creature that reacts to energy with animations on a 7-segment LCD. It can also blink!

Klara is a solar-powered creature with a simple, unlit 7-segment LCD display and an ATTiny85 microcontroller. It stores her energy in a pair of 1F supercapacitors so she can stay awake for a few more hours after sundown. When the sun shines and her reserves are full, she plays lively animations on her LCD display. As her energy declines, the animations slow down and freeze into still images, until they disappear altogether. Klara uses her banal clock/thermometer LCD as a minimalist artistic canvas. She’s this little creature that can sense the sun’s energy and the temperature of the air that surrounds her. What tales will she tell us? The name comes from Ishiguro’s novel, Klara and the Sun. The concept itself was inspired by Mohit Bhoite’s solar-powered circuit sculptures, and by Joey Castillo’s crazy LCD work on his sensor watch.”

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