A wireless telecommunications device, based on LoRa technology, that receives and displays alphanumeric messages.

LoRaNicator is a pager devices based on LoRa technology.
- 128x64px monochrome LCD with build in ST7565R-G Controller
- ATSAMD21G18A-AU Cortex-M0+ 32bit low power ARM MCU (Arduino compatible)
- Extremely Accurate I2C RTC
- On-Board Single-Cell Li-Polymer Charge Management Controller
- Smart push-button on/off controller
- Micro SD-Card Slot
- RFM95W LoRa Transceiver (868MHz or 915MHz)
- 3-way Navigation Switch
- High-Efficient Buck-Boost Voltage Converter
- On-Board Coin Pager Motor
- On-Board Piezoelectric Sounder
- GPIO Header for External Periphery
- 2-Layer PCB
- Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 100x78x14 (without battery incl. SMA 8mm connector)
- Open Source Hardware”


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