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Let’s build a new Style clock using Arduino and PCB

If you are a regular follower of mine, then you might have seen my clock-making tutorials. These are clocks of different types and styles that I have made. in this tutorial also I am showing how to build a clock but this one has to be a unique design. So After thinking, searching and designing, I came up with a new skeleton design, the projected structure looks similar to the skeleton that’s why I am calling skeleton clock. The main clock structure was made by carving the PCB. I think it is beautiful. now let’s see how I made this. Let’s get started!

- Arduino nano - 1 nos
- DS1307 RTC ic -1 nos
- 32.768Khz crystal- 1 nos
- LEDs 0805- 30 nos
- resistors 1k 0805- 7 nos
- resistors 10k 0805- 5nos
- coin cell battery 3v - 1 nos
- coin cell battery holder- 1 nos
- push buttons - 3 nos
- on/off switch - 1 nos
- female header pins 40 pin- 1 nos
- 3.7volt battery- 1 nos
- TP4056 charger module- 1 nos
- printed PCB -1 nos
- 3D printed part”

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