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After a request from Instructables user regarding availability of 12h format, i took advantage to make substancial changes to the original project.

During using of the version 1 i felt the need to make a stand-alone version, so I made it possible to modify all the parameters directly from the clock, without using the PC.

For anyone hasn’t read my previous instructables, it’s a common 7 segment led clock with some extra features:

7 different minute change transitions
3 pre-setted colors for time slots
ambient light intensity auto dim
auto shutdown/start when there is no need to show time
auto daylight saving time adjustment
Version 2 allow you also to:

change time format 12/24h
easily modifiable parameters
The parameters that can be modified directly from the clock are:

wake up/shutdown time
colors for time slots
time format 12/24h
These data are now stored inside Arduino eeprom together with the chosen transition mode. I’ve also prepared a quickstart guide in the next step.

The frame is 3D printed, powered by an Arduino Nano, DS3231 and WS2812 leds.

Arduino nano
photo chell
2 x momentary pushbutton
on/off switch
DC plug
5V transformer
n°30 WS2812 leds (model 30 leds/meter)
DS3231 module
thin cables for leds connections
resistors 10K, 550
headers male/female”

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