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This clock uses side glow fiber optics to tell the time in a colorful way.

Red/Green/Blue = Hour/Minute/Second.

The light comes frn an LED strip that makes the fiber glow. But it also emits light at the ends and projects it on the wall.

A light sensor senses the ambient light in the room and automatically adjusts the intensity of the LEDs. The light sensor also doubles as a button where you can select which animation you want to use to display the time.

The clock is powered by an Arduino nano and it uses a ds3231 RTC to keep the time.

- Side glow optic fiber 3 mm, 5m
- WS2812 RGB LED strip, 60 LED/m, 1m
- Arduino nano
- DS3231 Real Time Clock Module
- Resistor 330 Ω
- Resistor 10 KΩ
- Photo resistor (GL5539, 10 Lux:50-100 KΩ)
- Electrolytic Capacitor 100uf
- 5V power cable with DC plug 5.5x2.1mm
- Power supply 5V/2A
- Screws and nuts M3x12mm, 12 pcs
- Wires
- Heat-shrink tubes
- Hot glue”

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