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Watching pchretien’s Fibonacci clock last week, I decided to share my LED ring clock project. As you can see the time is represented on two WS2812 LED rings. In the outer ring there are 24 LEDs, it shows the hours from 0 to 24. The different colors don’t have any meaning here, only help you to count the illuminated LEDs. 3x6+1=19 o’clock. (6 blue, 6 green, 6 yellow, 1 red) In the inner ring there are 12 LEDs which shows the minutes from 0 to 60. Decoding the minutes is a bit more difficult than hours. The inner ring represents 60 different values using 12 LEDs. So one LED has to have 5 different state (60/12=5). This different states are represented by different colors.”

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