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This is another one of my series of unusual clocks. The time is displayed on the WS2812 LED strip containing 34 LEDs. Hours, decadic-minutes and minutes each have their own color.

Device is really simple and contain only a few components:

- Arduino Nano microcontroller

- WS2812 RGB Led strip containing 34 Leds

- Three momentary switches for setting the clock

- And 3 Pull_up resistors

The way the time is displayed is as follows: The first group of 15 LEDs shows the hour. The second group of six diodes shows the tens of minutes, and The third group of 12 LEDs shows the minutes. For easier reading, all groups are divided into subgroups of 3 LEDs each. Otherwise the idea and the original code is from “Jan” profile on Hackaday. Its code is adapted to change the intensity of the LEDs depending on the outdoor lighting with LDR resistor. In my case this proved to be impractical because My clock is in a place where there is no change of ambient light so I modify the original code and the intensity of LEDs can be changed manually using a potentiometer.”

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