I often find my self buying things that I have no idea what I’m going to do with. This project is a result of a purchase of a ring that has 12x WS2812b LEDs on. I had no plans for it but it looked cool online so I stuck one in my cart, played with it for a while when it arrived and then forgot all about it.
A while later I was thinking about making a clock and remembered it was sat there not doing anything. I was thinking about buying a second ring with 60 LEDs on to make up the minutes but then started thinking how we / I tend to look at the time and round it to the nearest 5 minutes.
With this in mine I set out with my 12 LED ring to make the ish clock. It displays 1 LED at a time for 1 second, to indicate the hour (Blue LED) and then the minutes (Red LED) rounded down”


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