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132 Pixel Clock V

3d Printed Anemometer Under 5$

3D Printed Flashing LED Dial Clock

3D Printed Optics with Nano Meter Scale Surface Roughness

A colossal breakthrough for topological spintronics

A fault-tolerant system for stopping ‘leaks’ in quantum computers

Advance Could Yield Safer, Longer-Range Electric Car Batteries

Arduino Based Oil Dispenser V

Arduino Tension Scale With 40 Kg Luggage Load Cell and HX711 Amplifier

Army’s new 3-D printed shape-shifting soft robots crawl, jump, grab V

Artificial intelligence can predict your personality… simply by tracking your eyes

Automatic Humidifier Control Using ESP328266 V

Better way found to determine the integrity of metals

“Charlotte’s Web” Style LED Filament Clock

CMU, Bossa Nova to apply AI to retail analytics V

CNC Cyclone PCB Factory, My Way, Step by Step. V

Computing power solves molecular mystery

Control Arduino Uno Using ESP8266 WiFi Module and Blynk App


DIY - Wifi Light Sensor - Wifi Communication to ThingSpeak V

Electromagnetic Pendulum Laser Nixie Clock, With Thermometer V

Helping computers perceive human emotions

Illuminating electronics: Researchers construct all-optical pocket calculator

Infrared Remote

Ish Clock V

Memory-processing unit could bring memristors to the masses

Model Railroad DCC Command Station V2 V

New algorithm could help find new physics

NIST Chip Lights Up Optical Neural Network Demo

OLED I2C Display Arduino/NodeMCU Tutorial V

Quantum Computing: Learning to Speak a Whole New Technology

Scientists perfect technique to boost capacity of computer storage a thousandfold V


Simple DIY Party PhotoBooth!


‘Smart’ Machine Components Alert Users to Damage and Wear

Space Station Experiment Reaches Ultracold Milestone V

Talking Musical NeoPixel Clock with Infrared, BLE and Touch Controls V

The Astronomy Clock

TLID Clock V

Trapping light that doesn’t bounce off track for faster electronics

Two-faced edge makes nanotubes obey

Universal Battery Charge Indicator 3.7v-24v V

Wifi Binary Clock

Yet Another Clock V

Ytterbium: the quantum memory of tomorrow

Zephyr S set to break aircraft world endurance record

Underground Lake Found on Mars? Get the Facts.

Accidentally a Lightsaber V

An insect-inspired drone deforms upon impact V

And then there was (more) light: Researchers boost performance quality of perovskites

BlinkBox - A test tool for addressable LED development V

Clock With IR Remote Control for Time/Date Settings

Demon in the details of quantum thermodynamics V

DIY Heat Sinks

DIY Light Alarm Clock

DIY RGB Cherry MX Macro Board V

DIY Smart Electronic Ukulele With Arduino V

EPFL Uses Excitons to Take Electronics into the Future V

First-ever quantum simulation of chemical bonds with trapped ions

Friday’s total lunar eclipse will be longest blood moon visible this century, until 2123

IDC2018IOT Leg Running Tracker

KiCad 5 - A New Generation

Kids RGB LED Star Nightlight V

RFID+Relay+RFID Door Lock Code = RFID PC Switch! V

Robot Arm Controlled Through Ethernet V

Saving Battery Life With Deep Sleep V

The Centauro: A new disaster response robot to assist rescue workers to operate safely

The MagPI 72

Two big rockets launched early Wednesday-then one landed in high seas V

Visualizing Chemical Reaction on Bimetal Surfaces

Weather Forecast Clock Using Old Alarm and Arduino

Animated RGB Wall Clock V

Cell-sized robots can sense their environment

EL Wire Neon Nixie Style Clock V

IDC2018 IOT Smart Trash Bin V

Learn at your own pace with Microsoft Quantum Katas

Liquid microscopy technique reveals new problem with lithium-oxygen batteries

Michelin’s 2048 Ambitions: Michelin Tires Will Be Made Using 80 Percent Sustainable Materials 100 Percent Of Tires Will Be Recycled

Millimetre-scale silicon chip generates quantum-random-numbers for information security

Molecular clock could greatly improve smartphone navigation

NUST MISIS Scientists Present Metamaterial for Solar Cells and Nanooptics

Radar Glasses

Retro Arcade Clock - Arduino V

The drive for more energy-efficient electric vehicles

Transistor Curve Tracer

World’s fastest man-made spinning object could help study quantum mechanics V

A physics treasure hidden in a wallpaper pattern

Arduino Controlled Smart Hydroponic Modular System V

Arduino HID-Based CNC Pendant V

Blinds (or any high power motor) control

Convert your old phone into a remote switch V

DIY Pro Trinket Smartwatch

Energy Meter module to analyze the electrical grid parameters and consumption

IoT HVAC Monitor

Make a Relay Modul With Optocoupler

New Computer Model Predicts How Fracturing Metallic Glass Releases Energy at the Atomic Level V

Nodmcu RFID Attendance Server With Processing

Open Source Laboratory Rocker / Mixer / Shaker (Lab Rocker) V

Payload manifest on mission 9 V

Researchers Move Closer to Completely Optical Artificial Neural Network

Safe solid-state lithium batteries herald ‘paradigm shift’ in energy storage

Ardubuino (an Arduboy Compatible Clone) V

Digital Hourglass Using PICO V

ESP8266 Internet Clock With Weather Update & Many More (No RTC) V

Fantastic plastics: Research collaboration could reshape injection molding

Future electronic components to be printed like newspapers

HackSpace magazine #9

Light-controlled polymers can switch between sturdy and soft

Mbed OS 5.9.3 released

Multiple Independent NeoPixel Rings

New approaches to chemical and electrical energy conversions

OBD2 Simulator V

Reduce Costs and Bill of Materials with Single Power Monitoring IC that Measures Power from 0V to 32V

Research Brief: UMN researchers develop DIY field imaging system

Robot Chemist Discovers New Molecules And Reactions

Smart Plant IoT V

Solar Supercapacitor Could Power Future Of Wearable Sensors

The heat is off: UCLA engineers develop world’s most efficient semiconductor material for thermal management

Tiny Machine-Code Monitor

TripComputer - GPS Trip Computer & Weather Module for Your Vehicle

Watney is a low-cost 3D-printable FPV rover

WiFi Paddle Boat. V

Blue sky thinking

Developing Microrobotics for Disaster Recovery and High-Risk Environments

DIY Arduino Load Bank Lipo Storage/Discharger Station V

Fabrication technology in the fourth dimension V

How to build efficient organic solar cells

Intel Breaks Guinness World Records Title for Drone Light Shows in Celebration of 50th Anniversary V

Materials processing tricks enable engineers to create new laser material

Nanocrystal links could lead to better electronics, scientists say

Researchers couple artificial atom to acoustic resonator

Researchers enable transmission of specific colors of light over long distances

Robot prototype will let you feel how it’s ‘feeling’ V

A hydrogen sensor that works at room temperature

A step closer to quantum computers: NUS researchers show how to directly observe quantum spin effects

Arduino Automated Parking Garage V

Arduino Car V

Arduino Score Counter

Arduino_Inductance_ And_capacitance_meter V 0.1

Augmenting Augmented Reality

Barium ruthenate: A high-yield, easy-to-handle perovskite catalyst for the oxidation of sulfides

Berkeley engineers develop origami electronics from cheap, foldable paper

Bicycle Odometer and Speedometer with 99 Lap/Period Recorder V

Binary Wrist Watch V

Control Every Device From Everywhere with aRest

Differential Steering Car With Arduino V

Dual Sensor Echo Locator V

Electrical Contact to Molecules in Semiconductor Structures Established for the First Time

Electronic stickers to streamline large scale ‘Internet of Things’ V

Getting Started With Stm32 Using Arduino IDE V

Helium Air Quality Sensor

JF Time Fountain V

Low Cost Automation With ESP01 V

Minitel Real Time Clock V

Nano-Kirigami: “Paper-cut” Provides Model for 3D Intelligent Nanofabrication


Python/MicroPython Sensor Logger with Google Sheets

Quantum Dot White LEDs Achieve Record Efficiency

Raspberry Pi Amateur Radio Digital Clock

Samsung Electronics Announces Industry’s First 8Gb LPDDR5 DRAM for 5G and AI-powered Mobile Applications

The Future Of Electronics Is Chemical

Using Stepper Motor As Rotary Encoder V

Utrasonic Avoidance Robot Using Arduino V

3D Printed Magnetic Levitation! V

Arduino - NRF24L01 - TFT - Parts Counting Unit.

Artificial intelligence helps design an ultra-aerodynamic bike V

Bubbles and Whispers - Glass Bubbles Boost Nanoparticle Detection

ELECTRONooBINO - Make your own Arduino UNO V

Giant Satellite Fuel Tank Sets New Record For 3-d Printed Space Parts V

How Gold Nanoparticles Could Improve Solar Energy Storage

Innovation For The Benefit Of Social Housing V

NASA’s Fermi Traces Source of Cosmic Neutrino to Monster Black Hole

New High- and Very-High-Performance STM32 Value Lines from STMicroelectronics Boost Real-Time IoT-Device Innovation

New Semiconducting Crystal Rivals Diamond for Heat Conductivity

newelectronics 10 Julho 2018

NIF sets new laser energy record

Opener Unveils First USA-Qualified Ultralight All-Electric Personal VTOL Aircraft V

Reduce Driver Distraction with Automotive-Qualified 3D Gesture Recognition Controller

ROOM MAPPING Arduino Robot With Unity 3D V

Two New Spectre-Class CPU Flaws Discovered-Intel Pays $100K Bounty

A Step Closer to Single-Atom Data Storage

Analog Devices to partner with Baidu on autonomous driving project

Arduino Nano QP V

Banana/Raspberry Pi + Arduino Rover With Webcam

Biosensor Chip Detects Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Wirelessly and With Higher Sensitivity

“Blind” Cheetah 3 robot can climb stairs littered with obstacles V

Build this 8 Transistor Stereo Amplifier V

Carbon is the new black

Chinese Physicists’ Quantum Achievement Signals Dawn of Supercomputer

CircuitPython 3.0.0 Released!

Digital Wallet Arduino Based

DIY soldering iron- Arduino based V

Dual Axis Solar Tracker Panel with Auto and Manual Mode

Electrons slowing down at critical moments

ESP32 with Multiple DS18B20 Temperature Sensors

Hard Drive Clock

High Performance Nitride Semiconductor for Environmentally Friendly Photovoltaics

High Precision Scale with Arduino

HKU Engineering and Medicine collaborate and develop a real-time ultraflexible sensor that makes inflammation testing and curing 30 times faster

Imec Demonstrates Hybrid FinFET-Silicon Photonics Technology for Ultra-Low Power Optical I/O

Kenya to use Alphabet’s balloon project for rural internet

Lattice vibrations boost photoluminescence

Make Your Own LED Battery Level Indicator V

Merging Antenna and Electronics Boosts Energy and Spectrum Efficiency

Multimodal Clock

NeoMatrix 8x8 Word Clock V

New X-ray microscope provides new knowledge about well-known material

Newly Discovered Properties of Ferroelectric Crystal Shed Light on Emerging Branch of Materials

NUS builds new 3D printing capabilities, paving the way for construction innovations V

Opening up a pathway to cost-effective, autonomous IoT application

Pentasynth: A homebuilt pentatonic keyboard and synth V

Photonic Capsules for Injectable Laser Resonators

Physicists Uncover Why Nanomaterial Loses Superconductivity

Qubits as valves: controlling quantum heat engines

Researcher pulling from past to shape future of glass research

Researchers improve conductive property of graphene, advancing promise of solar technology

Rolling Robot With ESP32 Thing and TB6612FNG Driver, Controlled by Android Over BLE

Salt is key ingredient for cheaper and more efficient batteries

Scientists develop highly sensitive molecular optical pressure sensor

Semiconductor quantum transistor opens the door for photon-based computing

Smart bandages designed to monitor and tailor treatment for chronic wounds

Step Sequencer

Switching Brain Circuits On and Off Without Surgery

Voice Controlled Rover V

Wireless Pressure-Sensing Eye Implant Could Help Prevent Blindness

Baidu Reaches New Milestone in Autonomous Driving with Volume Production of China’s First Commercially Deployed Fully Autonomous Bus

Building ESP-1 Balancing Robot

DIY Laser Engraver Machine

Electron spectrometer deciphers quantum mechanical effects

ESP8266 Deep Sleep Mode

ESP8266 LED Matrix Clock

ESP8266 Temperature Controlled Relay V

Fibre-optic transmission of 4000 km made possible by ultra-low-noise optical amplifiers

FISH&GO! A WiFi Rover controlled by Blynk APP V

Heat-conducting Crystals Could Help Computer Chips Keep Their Cool

Infinity Mirror Clock

IPad Play Timer V

Make Your Own Awesome VU Meter! V

Marshmello LED Hat

Mbed OS 5.9.2 released

micro:mag issue 1

Morphing Digital Clock V

New Superconductor Technology for the Transmission Grid

Researchers find, and possibly fix, toxicity in nanomaterials

Ultimate precision for sensor technology using qubits and machine learning

A NeoPixel Pomodoro Timer

A Tiny Alarm System Using a Super Tiny Arduino Compatible Board!

Automated Irrigation System Arduino Controller

Bucky Glow V

Building a keyboard from scratch

Carbon dioxide-to-methanol process improved by catalyst

DIY Controller for Paragliding Games V

DIY Miniature Solar Tracker V

DIY Touch Sensor/Switch ESP8266 | Node MCU

Efficient, eco-friendly production of fine chemicals V

Energy Manager Using Heltec LoRa 32 WiFi and Arduino V

From Flashlight to Motion Sensor With ESP8266 and MQTT V

HKUST Develops a New Generation of LCD with Higher Efficiency, Resolution and Color Performance

Internet Connected Power Usage Monitor

Laser spectroscopy measurements reveal size and shape of the nucleus of nobelium

Let it rain! New coatings make natural fabrics waterproof

Magnetic skyrmions: Not the only ones of their class

Making opaque materials totally transparent

Materials Research for Energy-efficient Magnetic Cooling

Next-generation robotic cockroach can explore underwater environments V

NIST Researchers Simulate Simple Logic for Nanofluidic Computing

OpenDeck MIDI Platform

Rough terrain? No problem for beaver-inspired autonomous robot V

Scientists fine-tune carbon nanotubes for flexible, fingertip-wearable terahertz imagers

Self-heating, fast-charging battery makes electric vehicles climate-immune

Software-Defined Radio for Engineers, 2018

The attosecond stopwatch

The Not So Crap Clock V

Using light for next-generation data storage