Are you interested in using a battery with your ESP32? If so, Ill be discussing today some important technical information concerning this subject. We know that this microcontroller spends a lot of energy when it transmits information. It consumes close to 190 milliamps. In this video, Ill show how to conserve energy from the ESP32 with the so-called “DEEP SLEEP” function. Well set the chip to enter this mode, learn the ways to exit this mode, and create an example showing three different ways to wake the ESP32.
Its important to remember that the radio spends a lot of energy, rather than the processer. Energy saving is very important. This is because Endpoints (the circuits that are sending information) are often battery-powered and should last up to five years. There are some manufacturers that promise up to ten years in duration, and this is valid for high quality batteries that dont use the Endpoints as much. In all other cases, I advise you to use Deep Sleep to save energy from your circuit.”


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