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Synesthetic Clock

A person with synesthesia may associate certain letters and numbers with certain colors.
The principle of an Arduino RTC clock is old and has been described many times. But this display is new. The hours and minutes are shown on two round displays, both using the 12 hour and 60 minute system respectively. Instead of clock hands, I use colored areas, a.m. and p.m. are represented by the colors blue and red on the left side. The minute display on the right side changes color from blue to green to yellow and red as the hour progresses, following the color spectrum.
The color principle can also be found on maps: blue is far away (low), red is near (high),
I hope to achieve a synesthetic effect by recognizing the time by the colors as they occur in nature (cool morning, warm evening) and not by the man-made numbers.
Of course, the colors can be individually programmed according to your aesthetic preferences.

Basic Arduino knoledge acquired.


- ESP32 (e.g. Arduino nano is too slow)
- 2x GC9a01 round display
- Real Time Clock Module (RTC)
- wires
- material for a case: wood, cardboard, plastic, 3D printed, a book,…”

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