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Have you ever counted how much time you spend on your phone a day? I counted and the result shocked me. I cannot even remember the last time I truly focused on sth without looking at my phone for 2 hours. I realized that my phone impairs my ability to concentrate, so I really need a tool that can keep me reliably distraction-free. I searched online and found that timing is a good idea. It is said that when people understand that there’s a tangible end to whatever they’re doing, they will be able to focus on that one activity better. This inspires me why not make a timer? And I happened to have four OLED displays so I decided to make a cube timer with different time durations displayed on each of its four sides.

This final effect is shown in the video at 4: 19.


- ESP32-E IoT Development Board x1
- I2C SD2405 RTC Module x1
- I2C OLED-128x64 Display x4
- I2C Multiplexer x1
- Tilt Switch x2
- Shell”

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