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IoT solution for CO2 measurement in the office

Sick of stuffy conference rooms and co-workers that won’t let you open the window? Here is the solution.

Being in an office environment often exposes us to high levels of CO2. Sometimes, when sitting in a crowded office space, we may not even notice how stuffy the room is, which can affect our productivity and mood. Finding a room with proper air quality for a meeting with a customer can also be challenging. A good approach to this issue is to measure air quality, and an even better option is to utilize Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to remotely monitor crucial air parameters.

The project is based on the implementation of the Anjay client for ESP32. Anjay is an open-source C library that implements the OMA Lightweight Machine to Machine (LwM2M) protocol which enables remote device management in the IoT and other Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications. We will utilize it for transferring data from our ESP32 device to the server, where it will be displayed on dashboards. Our device, apart from measuring the level of CO2, will also measure temperature and humidity.

Let’s build!
Our microcontroller will communicate with peripherals by using an I2C bus. Additionally, the CO2 sensor will indicate the completion of a measurement by changing the logic level on one of its pins. Data from SHTC3 is going to be read periodically.

PASCO2 sensor heats up air in its chamber and then measures the CO2 level based on the PAS (Photo Acoustic Spectroscopy) principle. For this purpose, it requires an external 12V power supply. Measurements and connection status will be shown on the OLED display.”

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