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Easily get started with LoRa Radios without much wiring. This is possible by using stackable modules from DFRobot.

Today we are going to make a project which is basically about setting up LoRa radios to talk with each other in the easiest way possible.

Here the microcontroller that I have used is the ESP32, which is connected to LoRa boards of 915MHz, I have also attached an OLED display to one of the Radio so that the packet information is visible. All the modules used in this project are from DFRobot as the pin compatibility is there for these modules, So I do not recommend using modules of different manufacturers. So let’s get started!

I have also made a video about building this project in detail, I recommend watching that for better insight and detail.

Step 1: Parts

To make this you will need an ESP32 board or an ESP8266 and you can also add a battery if you want.

I used firebeetle LoRa board of 915MHz frequency. DFRobot offers 3 types of boards depending on the frequency that is legal in your area:

1) 433MHz

2) 868MHz

3) 915MHz

For the display I used an OLED shield.

I suggest to use a boards from DFRobot with this module as the pinout will be compatible and you will face no issues anywhere.

I would also recommend using a PCB to make some project using this module so that adding battery/OLED display/switch/esp8266 doesnt remain difficult. You can order your PCBs from PCBWAY as they offer 10 PCBs for just 5$. Check out their online Gerber viewer function.”

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