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A few months back, I have installed a small-scale Off-Grid Solar System. I am always very curious to see the performance of my solar PV system, and the good news is that the charge controller that I am using has its own local display for monitoring. But, I am badly missing the remote monitoring facility. So, I have decided to make my own monitoring system which must have both local and remote monitoring facilities.
Why We Need Monitoring?
1. It gives clear information about various solar parameters, extracted energy, fault detection, historical analysis of the solar plant, and associated energy loss.
2. You can easily measure your solar production and the saving on your monthly electricity bill.
3. You can track all the important parameters of the solar PV system in real-time from your smartphone.
In this Instructables, I will show you I have made a simple Solar Monitoring System by using an ESP32 development board and ACS723 current sensor.
1. Input Voltage - 0- 24V ( Can be extended up to 50V )
2. Input Current: 0 -15A
3. Solar Panel Rating - 250W (12V ) / 500W ( 24V )
Full Video Tutorial:

Supplies:Components Used:
1. ESP32 Board - 30 pins
2. ACS723 Sensor
3. OLED Display
4. Resistors
5. Ceramic Capacitors
6. XL7015 Buck Converter Module
7. Temperature Sensor
8. Screw Terminal 3P- 3.5mm pitch
9. Screw Terminal 2P - 9.52mm pitch
10. Header Pins
11. Jumper Wires M-F
12. PCB
13. Soldering Flux
14. Soldering Paste

Tools Used:
1. Soldering Iron
2. Nipper
3. Wire Stripper
4. 3D Printer”

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