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3D Printed Earth Clock V

3D Printed Moon Lithophane V

3D printing stem cells to transform neuroscience

A Simple Clock

A Simpler, but Dexterous Robot Hand V

Air Quality Monitor

Analog Video Transmitter V

Announcing the Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT

Arduboy Game and watch V

Arduino WiFi Tetris Clock V

Artificial Neurons Recognize Biosignals in Real Time

Chromance Assembly Instructions V

CNC-machined Wooden Egg Speakers

Contact Digital Thermometer With Deep Sleep V

Cornell researchers see atoms at record resolution

Creating and Solving Mazes on a 128 x 64 LED Panel V

DIY Electromagnetic Interference Detector

DIY Laser People Counter

Engineered defects in crystalline material boosts electrical performance

Engineering matter at the atomic level

ESP 8266 - Laboratory Test Tubes Tix Clock V

Europa’s Interior May Be Hot Enough to Fuel Seafloor Volcanoes

First-Hand Experience: Deep Learning Lets Amputee Control Prosthetic Hand, Video Games

Forest Guardian

Glow in the Dark Robotic Clock V

Hardware Boot Select Switch Using Pico

How metals work together to weaken hardy nitrogen-nitrogen bonds

How to Build a Bluetooth Controlled Home Automation V

How to Make a Simplest Variometer for Paragliding V

IOT based Power and Energy meter

Italy To Get Its First Stretch Of Inductive Highways For EV Charging On The Go

Laptop Keyboard Typing model TFT LCD Project V

LED Whack-A-Mole V2

Liquid-like motion in crystals could explain their promising behavior in solar cells

Low-tech and High-tech POV (Persistence of Vision) V

Low(est?) Cost Reproducible 3-axis CNC Mill

Magnetically propelled cilia power climbing soft robots and microfluidic pumps V

Marble Climber - Motorized - 3D Printed V

MCUOS - An OS for Arduino Boards

Mini CNC Milling Machine V

More efficient lidar sensing for self-driving cars V

Musical Lithophane Lamp V

Nanoparticles: The Complex Rhythm of Chemistry V

NeoPill V

New Optimization Approach Helps Design Lighter Carbon Fiber Composite Materials

New quantum material discovered

New technique breaks the mould for 3D printing medical implants V

Novel Tandon-designed microchip will allow data to be processed without being decrypted

nRF5340 Oscilloscope Band V

Open Source Bioprinter

Optimizing a Raspberry Pi for Off-Grid Power Consumption V

Physicists uncover secrets of world’s thinnest superconductor

Portable Power Supply (18650 Battery) V

Portable Rechargeable Power Supply

PovGlobe V

Qualcomm Advances and Scales 5G IoT Industry, Unveiling Purpose-Built 5G Modem Optimized for IIoT

Renesas Expands Portfolio of World’s Smallest Photocouplers for Industrial Automation and Solar Inverter Applications

Renesas Launches LTE CAT-M1 Module For Massive IoT Based On Carrier-Proven Monarch Technology From Sequans

Researchers Develop Novel Raman Method to Capture Target Molecules in Small Gaps Actively

Researchers use ‘hole-y’ math and machine learning to study cellular self-assembly

Rotary CNC Laser Engraver V

Samsung’s New Mid-power LED Integrates Unsurpassed Light Efficacy With Outstanding Color Quality

Scientists Reveal Novel Double-roaming Mechanism in Chemical Reaction

Sign Glove V

Simple LED Bar Graph CO2 Sensor

Slender robotic finger senses buried items V

STM32 Window watchdog (WWDG)

Study of promising photovoltaic material leads to discovery of a new state of matter

Supermoon! Red blood lunar eclipse! It’s all happening at once, but what does that mean?

Surviving an In-Flight Anomaly: What Happened on Ingenuity’s Sixth Flight

The future of the IoT (batteries not required)

The MagPi 106

The Nyctograph Machine V

TL494 Working With a Crystal || Generate Perfect 50Hz Modified Square Waves V

To make particles flow more efficiently, put an obstacle in their way

Toshiba Releases Photovoltaic-output Photocoupler for Isolated Solid State Relays

Trammel of Archimedes Via 4 Machines

Trinamic’s Open-Source Reference Design Shrinks and Speeds Development of End-of-Arm Tooling

Ultra-sensitive Light Detector Gives Self-Driving Tech a Jolt

USB Promoter Group Announces USB Power Delivery Specification Revision 3.1

Virgin Galactic rocket ship ascends from New Mexico

Watch SpaceX launch a new Starlink satellite fleet on a used rocket today V

Weather Data on OLED Using Pi Pico and MicroPython V

3D Artificial Horizon - Gyroscope with MPU6050 GY-521 V

A new form of carbon

A Pixel Purse LED Cube Controlled by a Cisco 3G Modem V

A Solution to Space Junk: Satellites Made of Mushrooms? V

A USB microphone for online meetings

Arduino Docs has all the info you ever need about Arduino boards

ArduPilot Rover and the BBBlue (2021)

ATtiny85 Bluetooth Automation With Button Feedback V

Blynk - creating a local server with a Raspberry Pi

Calculator Made of Discrete Transistors V

China’s Tianwen-1 probe sends back Mars landing visuals

CircuitPython Libraries on MicroPython using the Raspberry Pi Pico

Command & Control of Multiple Serial-In/Parallel-Out ICs

Create a USB Microphone with the Raspberry Pi Pico

Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument starts 5-year survey

Demystifying Internet of Things Security

Diy Arduino (ZenoDruino) V

DIY ESP-01 WIFI Module Programming Adapter V

DIY Plasma Tweeter (speaker) V

DIY Smart Plant V

Electric cars: Special dyes could prevent unnecessary motor replacements

Electrons riding a double wave

EPFL works to address debris collision risk

Fibre-optics used to take the temperature of Greenland Ice Sheet

Flying at Speeds up to Mach 17 Could Become Reality with UCF’s Developing Propulsion System

Function Generator (AD9833 Based) V

G300 - 3D Printed CNC Machine

Gesture Sensing E-textiles V

Get Vaccine availability with Arduino V

Graphene enables ten times higher data storage in computer memories

HackSpace magazine #43

Hanging by a Thread: Imaging and Probing Chains of Single Atoms

How to Make a Musical Solid State Tesla Coil (SSTC) That Plays Guitar! V

IOT Based Fertilizer System for Smart Agriculture V

Low-Latency Teleoperation with Raspberry Pi and V

MAHLE develops highly efficient magnet-free electric motor

Making the invisible visible

Making Your Own Photovoltaic 5V System

New material could create ‘neurons’ and ‘synapses’ for new computers

New Material Could Harvest Water All Day Long

New Research Could Help Manufacturers Avoid 3D-Printing Pitfall

NUS engineers harvest WiFi signals to power small electronics

Ozone-depleting chemicals may spend less time in the atmosphere than previously thought

Printed Circuits Protect Sensors

PyUPDI Programmer

Qualcomm Announces World’s First 10 Gigabit 5G M.2 Reference Design to Accelerate 5G Adoption in New Segments

Quantum computing: cold chips can control qubits

Renesas Launches Entry-Level RZ/V2L MPUs with Best-in-Class Power Efficiency and High-Precision AI Accelerator

Researchers Develop 3D-Printed Jelly

Researchers develop algorithm to see inside materials with subatomic particles

RGB Wifi Binary Clock (ESP8266+WS2812b) V

Robotic ‘Third Thumb’ use can alter brain representation of the hand

Rocket Lab Progresses Flight Review, Recovers First Stage Following Successful Ocean Splashdown

Run BASIC on a BBC micro:bit V

Salts Could Be Important Piece of Martian Organic Puzzle, NASA Scientists Find V

Samsung Unveils New Power Management Solutions for DDR5 Modules

Scientists Got Photons to Interact, Taking Step Towards Long-Living Quantum Memory

Simon Says Box V

SpaceX rocket launches Starlink fleet and 2 small satellites, sticks landing at sea V

Spintronics: Improving electronics with finer spin control

STMicroelectronics acquires Edge AI software specialist Cartesiam

Taiwan’s TSMC claims breakthrough on 1nm chips

Talking Clock V

The Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect is here

The Graphics Gremlin - a Retro ISA Video Card

The Kid Clock / Une Horloge Pour Les Petits (Bilingue)

Thin is now in to turn terahertz polarization

Tic Tac Toe (Arduino Uno and Neo Pixels) V

TraNOR - A computer built with transistors V

Ultra Low Power IR Remote Control

Unveiling our new Quantum AI campus

Virgin Galactic today confirms Upcoming Test Flight of VSS Unity in May

Where on Earth is all the water?

Women Safety Device with GPS Tracking V

World first concept for rechargeable cement-based batteries

Xiao Mx MIDI Device


3D Printed Obstacle Avoiding R2D2 Using an Arduino Uno in 13 Steps V

3D printing lays the foundation for a new range of diagnostic tests

7 Segment Clock Using Arduino V

A long-lasting, stable solid-state lithium battery

A robot that can help you untangle your hair V

A Shuttle Mission Control Mock-Up for Kids V

Advance may enable “2D” transistors for tinier microchip components

An uncrackable combination of invisible ink and artificial intelligence

ArduTester V1.13: The Arduino UNO Transistor Tester


As NASA’s Voyager 1 Surveys Interstellar Space, Its Density Measurements Are Making Waves

Autonomous Cleaning Robot - ACR V

Brain Computer Interface Turns Mental Handwriting into Text on Screen V

Brand new physics of superconducting metals refuted by Lancaster physicists

Building a GPS/GNSS Receiver Using MosaicHAT and Arduino

Chinese rocket debris crashes into Indian Ocean - state media

Circuit Playground Extension - E-Textile Debugging Tool

Digital Tachometer using IR Sensor

DIY Arduino based resistor reel cutting machine V

DIY Bluetooth Speaker

DiY Heart Beat Monitoring System V

DIY Solar Panel Monitoring System - V1.0 V

Do you want a luxurious IR laser measuring scale? V

Edge Impulse Object Detection on Balena OS

ESP32 CAM WEB Server and Getting Started Guide V

ESP32 Multicolor Word Clock

Evading the uncertainty principle in quantum physics

Eyesight Guardian - Protect Your Eyes With Arduino V

Germany to Support Quantum Computing With 2 Billion Euros

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game on 16x2 LCD Shield

Graphene key for novel hardware security

Heatstroke: why the hotter the clock, the more accurate its timekeeping

How to Make a Mini PC for Gaming V

In the emptiness of space, Voyager 1 detects plasma ‘hum’

Intel Launches New 11th Gen Core for Mobile

Intruder detection using ultra low powered thermal vision V

JQI Researchers Generate Tunable Twin Particles of Light

LED Keyboard Prototype V

LIR1220 Charger

Long-lost letter from Albert Einstein discusses a link between physics and biology, seven decades before evidence emerges

Making her mark in 3D

Making the shift from blue to red for better LEDs V

Marker-Based Augmented Reality on Ultra96-V2

Menus for Micropython

Micro Breadboard Power Supply

Mini Light Cube V

Multifunctional Hobby CNC Machine V

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Completes First One-Way Trip V

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Discovers Natural Radio Emission in Venus’ Atmosphere V

New evidence for electron’s dual nature found in a quantum spin liquid

New light emitters developed for quantum circuits

New system cleans messy data tables automatically

newelectronics 11 Maio 2021

Nixie Pendulum Clock - Concept V

NUS researchers create AiFoam for robots to interact intelligently with their surroundings V

NUS scientists create a new type of intelligent material

Observing Individual Atoms in 3D Nanomaterials and Their Surfaces​

Parallel universes cross in Flatland

Pepsin-Degradable Plastics of BioNylons from Itaconic and Amino Acids

Perovskite Solar Modules: High Efficiency on a Large Surface Area

Perseverance’s Robotic Arm Starts Conducting Science

Pico Pong V

Portenta Machine Control: Add a powerful brain to your machines V

Priceless Astronomy Data Saved After Collapse of Arecibo Telescope

Python OpenCV NodeMCU Mask Detection V

Quantum machine learning hits a limit

Quantum mechanics paves the way for more stable organic solar cells

Race Logic: Novel Circuitry Solves a Myriad of Computationally Intensive Problems With a Minimum of Energy

Researchers 3D Print Complex Micro-Optics with Improved Imaging Performance

Researchers Achieve 50dB Noiseless at all Optical Isolation

Samsung Electronics to Boost Investment in Logic Chip Businesses to KRW 171 Trillion by 2030

Scaling down Ionic Transistors to the ultimate limit

Simple Robots, Smart Algorithms: Meet the BOBbots V

Smart finger ring with integrated RFID chip

Speed Measurement Using HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor V

Stabiliser residue in inks inhibits conductivity in 3D printed electronics

Supernovae Twins Open Up New Possibilities for Precision Cosmology

Tiny Word Clock V

Tom the Tortoise Thief V

Toshiba’s 1-Form-B Photorelay Expands Applications with Industry’s Highest ON-State Current Rating

Towards An HD44780-Based Video Mode

Twister Mat MIDI Controller V

Useless Box V

USTC Realizes Coherent Storage of Light over 1 Hour

Wifi MQTT Telegraph V

Wizard Chess V

Yet Another Perpetual Pendulum V

Zero Touch Provisioning based on TLS 1.3

2D materials offer unique stretching properties

3D-printed home in Dutch city expands housing options

A material-keyboard made of graphene

A silver lining for extreme electronics

Arduino Tinfoil Piano V



Augmented Reality (AR) with Internet of Things (IoT) V

AVR TPI Programming With usbasp For Dummies

Battery powered Tv remote control with 3D-printed case

Bike Tracker

BYU hologram experts can now create real-life images that move in the air V

CircuitPython Libraries on any Computer with Raspberry Pi Pico

Closing in on state-of-the-art semiconductor solar cells

CMU Lab Leads Development of Pasta That Morphs Into Shape When Cooked V

Complex shapes of photons to boost future quantum technologies

Computer Science from the Bottom Up

Control your TV using The Force! V

Conundrometer V

Dark Matter Detection V

DIY Arduino Smart Digital Scale | ESP8266 + HX711 V

Easiest Way to Connect Any VFD Serial Display to Arduino V

Electron Beam Melting Gets Brittle Metal into Shape

Electronic Quiz Game

Elk: a tiny JS engine for embedded systems

ESP32 Small Robot Dog V

FASER is born: new experiment will study particles that interact with dark matter

How to Level Up Soft Robotics

How to Make a WIFI (Nodemcu) Car V

IBM Unveils World’s First 2 Nanometer Chip Technology, Opening a New Frontier for Semiconductors V

Ingenuity Completes Its Fourth Flight V

Internet of things (IoT)-based solar tracker V

Kid’s Control Panel With Arduino(s)

Laser Light Makes a Comeback (Literally): New Phenomenon Discovered

Measuring Wheel V

MIT turns “magic” material into versatile electronic devices

Mobile Station for Weather Exploration With AtTiny85 & BME280 for Your Smartphone

‘Molecular glue’ makes perovskite solar cells dramatically more reliable over time

Nano flashlight enables new applications of light

New boost in quantum technologies

NIST Team Directs and Measures Quantum Drum Duet

Perceptmobile: Azure Percept Obstacle Avoidance LEGO Car V

Physicists find a novel way to switch antiferromagnetism on and off

Physicists reveal how motion can be generated by frustration

Portable Power Supply for microcontroller projects V

Putting an old digital clock (with an outdoor thermometer) on steroids

Renewable Energy Sources: On the Way towards Large-scale Thermal Storage Systems

Researchers confront major hurdle in quantum computing

Researchers Produce Laser Pulses with Record-Breaking Intensity

Samsung Electronics Announces Availability of Its Next Generation 2.5D Integration Solution ‘I-Cube4’ for High-Performance Applications

Scientists at NREL Report New Synapse-Like Phototransistor

Security-Camera with Esp32 Cam, PIR and Telegram Bot

Silicon Chip Will Drive Next Generation Communications

Soft Robotic Dragonfly Signals Environmental Disruptions V

Somersaulting Photons

SpaceX launches Starship SN15 rocket and sticks the landing in high-altitude test flight V

SpaceX’s Star Wars Day launch puts 60 Starlink satellites in orbit, lands rocket V

STMicroelectronics Introduces High-Performance GaN Family for Automotive Applications

Stratolaunch flies world’s largest airplane on 2nd test flight V

Temp and Humidity Monitor with Graphs and Battery Monitor

The Radio We Could Send to Hell

Thin, Large-Area Device Converts Infrared Light into Images V

TinyICOC - AVR In-Circuit Oscillator Calibrator

Towards 2D memory technology by magnetic graphene

Tufts SilkLab Creates Leather-like Material from Silk Proteins V

U of A researchers successfully use 3-D ‘bioprinting’ to create nose cartilage V

UVA Engineering Computer Scientists Discover Vulnerability Affecting Computers Globally

Vu Meter LM3914 Vs LM3915 V

With a zap of light, system switches objects’ colors and patterns V

World’s 1st multinode quantum network is a breakthrough for the quantum internet