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Real-time visibility and control of water, Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium - from any where an Internet of Things (IoT) based system.

My country India has been badly affected by climate change due to heavy deforestation. So many campaigns arose planting more trees. However, to reduce my effort in gardening, I made something that watering and fertilizing my plants based on an Blynk app.

The plants often get neglected at holiday time and so this watering and feeding system was made and installed so that the plants were irrigated all the time.The mixing tank is filled with water through the solenoid valve. The peristaltic pumps dose the tank with the required amount of fertilizer and then the mixer pump is turned off. The mixture drains into the growing media under gravity

This is one of unique and best project which was never done by anyone before, so without wasting any time let’s Hop into build process of this project

In 2021, the estimated total population in India amounted to approximately 1.38 billion people.

India currently has the second-largest population in the world

and the population rate is increasing day-by-day; then after40 to 50 years there will be a serious problem for food’s, so the development of agriculture is necessary.

As we know that soil is very important for agriculture system, Especially from soil moisture and nutrients are essential elements for plants and crops.

Therefore, soil moisture and nutrient monitoring are important in modern agriculture and horticulture, It can also be an interesting feature of a smart farming system using Internet of Things (IoT) technology.”

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