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This Water Monitoring System would enable a society or houses to monitor, limit and record their water usage

Water is the most important and critical part of our life. This clear, amorphous liquid is key to our life. Water Conservation and Monitoring System would enable a society or cluster of houses in the vicinity to monitor, limit and record their water usage via application in their phone. Users may choose laissez faire or intermittent flow of water to their homes. The project is expected in an acropolis form. The three of us after many rounds of extreme hours of brainstorming came to a conclusion of using Arduino and Node MCU to bring this project to life. The main tank would be connected to a sub tank depicting the 2 houses, each with flow meters attached to monitor the flow of water. The constant usage of water will be recorded over the cloud for which we prefer “”, and thus this data can be used for multiple purposes using various technologies like data science so we can know how much amount of water is used at a particular time. The representation and depiction of model would be maverick. This project aims and has the potential to be the final block in this long journey of “conserve and preserve water” jigsaw puzzle”

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