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A (not so) Electric Bike V

Adjustable High DC Voltage Generator

Alpaca ATtiny85 Dev Board V

An exotic metal-insulator transition in a surface-doped transition metal dichalcogenide

Arduino-Powered Coin Box Is the New Way of Saving Money V

ATtiny1614 Frequency Meter

Automatic Arduino Pet Feeder - 3D Printed (With Stepper Motor)

AVR Microcontroller. Stopwatch - Timer With the Feature of Display on LCD V

build an LC Meter V

Calculating Reading Time with TinyML and Arduino Nano 33 BLE

Carnival Lights Game V

Chromatic light particle effect revealed for the development of photonic quantum networks

Cirrus Logic Smart Boosted Amplifier Brings Immersive Mobile Audio Experience to New Generations of Smartphones, Tablets and Gaming Devices

Control a LED Spotlight set-up with an Arduino via DMX

DIY Balancing Dot on LED Strip V

DIY Smart Home PC Ambilight V

DIY Tinfoil Ribbon Speaker V

Easy Object Detection With Teachable Machine & Python V

ESP32-CAM Video Surveillance Smart Camera


High-Accuracy Op Amp from STMicroelectronics Targets Energy-Efficient Power Conversion

How I gained real control of an Echo

How to add Ethernet to Raspberry Pi Pico

How to Build Vice 3.5 (x64sc, etc.) on Raspberry Pi 400

I2C Master Mode Emulator

Intel AI-Powered Backpack Helps Visually Impaired Navigate World V

Intel Teams with IBM for Advanced Semiconductor Research & Development

IR Windshield Rain Sensor

Kitchen Timer V

Laser-driven experiments provide insights into the formation of the universe

License Plate Recognition with Vitis-AI

Light It Up: uOttawa Researchers Demonstrate Practical Metal Nanostructures

Machine Learning Smart Inventory Tracking with Raspberry Pi

Maxim Integrated Synchronous DC-DC Inverting Converters Reduce Component Count by Half for Industrial Automation and Signal Conditioning Solutions

Millimeter wave photonics with terahertz semiconductor lasers

Moiré effect: How to twist material properties

My Daughter’s laptop

NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Prepares for First Flight V

NASA, SpaceX Sign Joint Spaceflight Safety Agreement

New blade tip concept to yield considerably more energy

New class of versatile, high-performance quantum dots primed for medical imaging, quantum computing

New NMR spectroscopy research reveals the dynamics of catalysts in 3D space

New porous material promising for making renewable energy from water

New result from LHCb experiment challenges leading theory in physics

newelectronics 23 Março 2021

NIST Team Compares 3 Top Atomic Clocks With Record Accuracy Over Both Fiber and Air

Not another digital alarm clock? V

Novel thermometer can accelerate quantum computer development

Open Dictionary V

Optical Fiber Could Boost Power of Superconducting Quantum Computers

“Ouija” ESP8266 Programmer Planchette

PID Desktop Marble Balancer With Glo Rev 2 V

PIR Motion Sensor LED Ceiling Light – Arduino Compatible V

Pwn the ESP32 Forever: Flash Encryption and Sec. Boot Keys Extraction

Raspberry Pi 4 NAS out of an old Power Amplifier

Reading between the diamonds

Reinventing computer science for quantum computing

Remote On/Off Switch for Blynk Relay - using ThingsonEdge Cricket, Node Red, and MQTT

Renesas Adds Bluetooth 5.0 to Ultra-Low Power RE Family for Battery Maintenance-Free IoT Devices

Renesas Expands Communication Timing Portfolio for 4G/5G Radio

Researcher finds a better way to tap into the brain

Researchers’ algorithm designs soft robots that sense V

Samsung and Marvell Unveil New System-on-a-Chip To Advance 5G Networks

Samsung Develops Industry’s First HKMG-Based DDR5 Memory; Ideal for Bandwidth-Intensive Advanced Computing Applications

School Bell Ring

Semiconductor qubits scale in two dimensions

Simple Signage

Skoltech scientist bridges the gap between quantum simulators and quantum computers

“Smart clothes” that can measure your movements

Smart Home With Multiple NodeMCU ESP8266 Network With Blynk

Smart parking system

SpaceX launches 60 new Starlink internet satellites, nails latest rocket landing at sea V

SPI Display Array Board – Clock

Study reveals plunge in lithium-ion battery costs

Suez Canal: Owner of cargo ship blocking waterway apologises V

Sweden’s AI Catalyst: 300-Petaflops Supercomputer Fuels Nordic Research V

Tachyum Unveils Prodigy Universal Processor FPGA Emulation Prototype

Tethered drones have wireless data covered

The MagPi 104

Toshiba’s Carbon Recycling Technology Realizes World’s Highest CO2 Conversion Speed and Achieves Decarbonization in a Limited Space

Touch Deck: DIY Customizable TFT Control Pad

Two Channel Smart Low-Side Power Switch for Inductive, Resistive and Capacitive Loads – Arduino Shield V

UC chemists use supercomputers to understand solvents

Welcome to CurrentSense-TinyML

100MHz Frequency Meter using ATtiny414

11th Gen Intel Core: Unmatched Overclocking, Game Performance

16 High Power LEDs Knight Rider Light – Arduino Compatible V

7400 Series Discrete Logic Word Clock

Algorithm helps artificial intelligence systems dodge “adversarial” inputs

All about RS485 – How RS485 Works and How to Implement RS485 into Industrial Control Systems?

AMD Brings Power of “Zen 3” to World’s Best Mobile Processors for Business — AMD Ryzen PRO 5000 Series Mobile Processors V

AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series CPUs Set New Standard as Highest Performance Server Processor V

Another First: Perseverance Captures the Sounds of Driving on Mars

An(Other) Intelligent 4-Wire Fan Speed Controller

Arduino based Alexa Home Automation| Alexa Arduino Project V

As Good as it Gets: NIST Develops Its Fourth Generation Wire Micrometer that Rivals Best in the World

Astronomers Detect a Black Hole on the Move

ASU scientists determine origin of strange interstellar object V

ATtiny1614 Function Generator

Automate Push Up Routine With ESP8266

Characterizing the Raspberry Pi Pico ADC

Custom Characters With Raspberry Pi Pico and LCD 16*2 Display

Dummy electronic Load v2.0 V

Easily check the accuracy of the RTC from the ESP32

ECG Analyzer Powered by Edge Impulse V

ESP8266 ESC/POS Smart Thermal Printer V

Experts recreate a mechanical Cosmos for the world’s first computer V

Gear Clock V

Getting Started With Particle Argon V

Glowtie V

HackSpace magazine #41

Head-Pose Estimation on Ultra96-V2

High Accuracy Adjustable Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protectors using MAX17561

How A Building Block Of Life Got Created In A Flash

How to Make an Emergency Light V

How to prevent short-circuiting in next-gen lithium batteries

How to Run 57 Hard Real-Time Threads on an Arduino Uno V

How to use I2C Pins in Raspberry Pi Pico | I2C Scanner Code

Implementation of Morse Code Raspberry Pi Pico

Intel’s Cryoprober for Quantum Research is Unlike Any Other Tool V

Intruder Detection Using Raspberry Pi Pico and Edge Impulse V

JAL Project- Household Water Usage Tracker V

Kicad Mesh Plugin

Make Your Own Arduino AC Dimmer | Drive Motors & Lights V

Microchip’s TimeProvider 4100 Release 2.2 Grandmaster Provides a New Level of Redundancy, Resiliency and Security

Most Flexible 2D Material Discovered at UT Austin

Nano-mapping phase transitions in electronic materials

New analysis of 2D perovskites could shape the future of solar cells and LEDs

New error correction method provides key step toward quantum computing

New fabrication method paves way to large-scale production of perovskite solar cells

New material: Rapid color change

New perovskite LED emits a circularly polarized glow

Nissan finds a second use for old LEAF batteries

NPL Develop ISO/IEC Standard for Measuring Graphene Structural Properties

Open Grow Light

PiccoloSDR (WIP)

Pico Wake Word V

POV Clock/Display Making

Predator Count Down Box

Programmable Macropad V2 V

Qualcomm Completes Acquisition of NUVIA

Real time Automated smart sensor city

Recycle high-tech waste biologically

Remote-Controlled Car Using Raspberry Pi V

RGB Matrix Portal Room CO2 Monitor V

Scientists Take Step Towards Quantum Supremacy

SD Card Size GAME Console With Pico V

Self-folding nanotech creates world’s smallest origami bird V

Self-stacking nanocubes

Sensor Station V

Shutting the nano-gate

Simple 3D Printable Arduino CNC Drawing Machine V

Size matters when it comes to atomic properties

Soil moisture and distance sensor with IR remote control

Solar cells: Losses made visible on the nanoscale

SpaceX just launched a Falcon 9 rocket on a record 9th flight and stuck the landing V

Speech Controlled Robot (Easy Version) V

Speech Recognition With an Arduino Nano

Spin-states in MoS2 thin-film transistors distinguished by operando electron spin resonance

Teamwork makes light shine ever brighter

Toshiba Introduces Lens Reduction Type CCD Linear Image Sensor for A3 Multifunction Printers

Ultrasonic Radar Can Detect Multiple Objects at Each Ping V

USB MIDI Adapter

What Do I Build Next? A Pico-ATMegaZero BOT part 1 of 2 V

Wireless Distance Measurement Based on 24GHz Radar

Xilinx Expands into New Applications with Cost-Optimized UltraScale+ Portfolio for Ultra-Compact, High-Performance Edge Compute

Zoom USB Button Machine

3 Channel Analog Video Splitter with Video Amplifier V

3D Printed Mini CNC Machine V

4 Channel Analog Video Distribution Amplifier V

4 Legged Robot and Head Swing Robot V

48V -5V (10W) DC-DC Step Down Converter

8086 microcode disassembled

A Better Way to Measure Acceleration

Adaptive Microelectronics Reshape Independently and Detect Environment for First Time

Advanced Graphene-based Hall Effect Sensor for Mapping of Battery Cells

AEC-Q100 Qualified and Defense-grade PolarFire FPGAs Now Available in Volume Production

After cracking the “sum of cubes” puzzle for 42, mathematicians discover a new solution for 3

Agile underwater glider could quietly survey the seas V

An Introduction to Ray Tracing

Arduino Arcade style LED Game V

Arduino Radar with Simulink

Arduino Watering System

Battery capacity tester

Boeing Loyal Wingman Uncrewed Aircraft Completes First Flight V

Breaking the warp barrier for faster-than-light travel

Broadlink RM Mini 3: From Broadlink 3323 to ESP8266

Built to Last: New Copolymer Binder to Extend the Life of Lithium Ion Batteries

Cells as computers

Cheap, nontoxic carbon nanodots poised to be quantum dots of the future

Contactless high performance power transmission

Denmark is building a fuel cell factory that offers 90% efficiency

DHT22 Sensor V

DIY Arduino UNO Bluetooth | How to Make Arduino Uno Can Be Upload Code Via Bluetooth V

DIY Wireless Power Meter | 100VDC 100A V

DMX RGB Mixer for Lights

Dresden Researchers Develop New Strategy For Efficient Oled Active Matrix Displays

DSP for FPGA: Rewriting FIR Logic to Meet Timing

Electret Mic Preamp V

For first time, researchers send entangled qubit states through a communication channel

GameBoy 5110 - Arduino Handheld Game Console by 3D Printing

Helping soft robots turn rigid on demand

Home Assistant & Industrial Automation System V

How a ladybug warps space-time

How to Add an EEPROM to Raspberry Pi Pico V

Hubble sees new atmosphere forming on a rocky exoplanet

Instrument at BESSY II shows how light activates MoS2 layers to become catalysts

LCDduino – Arduino Compatible 16X2 LCD module V

Linear Actuator Mechanism Using DC Motor V

Microchips of the Future: Suitable Insulators are Still Missing

MIPS Technologies joins RISC-V, moves to open-source ISA standard

Most distant quasar with powerful radio jets discovered

N**** Style Home Info System V

NASA’s Perseverance Drives on Mars’ Terrain for First Time

New AI tool makes vast data streams intelligible and explainable

New STM32WB Wireless Microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics Deliver Affordable Convenience and Performance

newelectronics 9 Março 2021

Nissan’s 100% electric motor-driven e-POWER technology reaches global milestone V

Over Engineered True Random Value Generator

Perseverance Rover’s SuperCam Science Instrument Delivers First Results

Pi Pico Balloon Tracker

Pi Powered Pie Partitioning and Polygon Pruning Tool

PONG in a picture frame

Producing highly efficient LEDs based on 2D perovskite films

Quickstart IoT - Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 with WiFi

Rapid 3D printing method moves toward 3D-printed organs V

Raspberry Pi Pico and LED Arcade Button MIDI Controller V

Remote e-Paper Messages Panel

Renesas Extends IoT Security Leadership With PSA Certified Level 2 and SESIP Certification for RA Family Devices

Reverse-engineering the standard-cell logic inside a vintage IBM chip

Robots learn faster with quantum technology

Rolls-Royce set to power Vertical Aerospace’s all-electric aircraft

Scientists Stabilize Atomically Thin Boron for Practical Use

Seeing both sides of light collection

Shedding Light on Perovskite Films

Smart Doorbell – DIY project based on ESP32 V

Sofar2mqtt - Remote Control for Sofar Solar Inverters

Sony to Release Large Format CMOS Image Sensor with Global Shutter Function and Industry’s Highest Effective Pixel Count of 127.68 Megapixels

Sushi-like rolled 2D heterostructures may lead to new miniaturized electronics

TENEX - Solid State Volumetric OLED Display V

The perfect recipe for efficient perovskite solar cells

Timelapse Camera Station V

TinyML - Motion Recognition Using Raspberry Pi Pico V

Toshiba Releases 650V Super Junction Power MOSFETs in TOLL Package that Help Improve Efficiency of High Current Equipment

UCI-led team creates new ultralightweight, crush-resistant tensegrity metamaterials V

Using artificial intelligence to generate 3D holograms in real-time

Watchy: The Hackable $50 Smartwatch

‘Wearable Microgrid’ Uses the Human Body to Sustainably Power Small Gadgets V

World’s Smallest Micro-Mirror Scanning Technology from STMicroelectronics Chosen for Intel® RealSense™ High-Resolution LiDAR Depth Camera L515

10kHz to 225MHz VFO/RF Generator with Si5351 - Version 2

3D Printed Arduino Based Analog Digital Clock V

A quantum internet is closer to reality, thanks to this switch

A Simple 3D Printed Frame for an RGB LED Panel

Accurate clock just using an Arduino

An Introduction to RP2040 PIO with CircuitPython

Announcing the Arduino IDE 2.0 (beta)

Arduino Audio Spectrum Shield WS2812 LED Display V

Arduino Based Self Balancing Bot V

Arduino Magnetic Field Strength Meter V

Bottling the world’s coldest plasma V

Build Your Own Plant Monitor Using Meadow

Cheap USB to UART Converter Using Microchip MCP2200 V

Chemists at St Petersburg University develop a new technology to prevent lithium-ion batteries from catching fire V

Chemists boost boron’s utility

China’s Huawei, reeling from U.S. sanctions, plans foray into EVs - sources

China’s Tianwen-1 zooms in on Mars surface on cusp of new tech era V

Class-D Amplifier for High-Definition Automotive Audio from STMicroelectronics Adds Diagnostics for Safety Alerting

CO2 sensor and real-time plotter

Cosio Air Quality Sensor (With Wifi & Mqtt)

CSS555 EEPROM Programmer: Celebrate 50 years of 555 IC’s!

Customizable Arduino Nano LED Candle (2 - 6 LEDs)

Daft Punk LIVES ON! My Guy Manuel Helmet V

DIY Pico Mechanical Keyboard with Fritzing and CircuitPython

“Egg carton” quantum dot array could lead to ultralow power devices

Engineering the boundary between 2D and 3D materials

Extinct atom reveals the long-kept secrets of the solar system

F1 - Rider V

Graphene filter makes carbon capture more efficient and cheaper

Handwriting Recognition with Wio Terminal & Edge Impulse

HeadLamp V

Heat-free optical switch would enable optical quantum computing chips

Hot electrons send CO2 back to the future V

Hoverboard Power Monitor

How to Build Your Own DigiDice | Electronic LED Dice V

How to Make a Circuit Sculpture

Inspire 3D Printer

Intel Launches SSD for Everyday Computing, Mainstream Gaming

Interactive Ping Pong Pixel Board

Introduction to Scientific Programming with Python

Intruder detection with ArduCam on Pico board

IR Calculator without any calculator bugs V

ISOCELL 2.0: Let there be light V

ITMO Researchers Develop Method for Production of Hollow Nanoparticles From Liquid Metal

Laziness Monitor

LED Fader - With or Without Arduino V


LHCb observes four new tetraquarks

Light-emitting tattoo engineered for the first time

Microchip Releases the First IEEE 802.3bt Power over Ethernet to USB Type-C Power and Data Adapter

Multiple IoT device communication on ESP32

Nano Piano

New AI tool can revolutionise microscopy

newelectronics 23 Fevereiro 2021

NTU Singapore scientists develop laser system that generates random numbers at ultrafast speeds

Nuclear engineering researchers develop new resilient oxide dispersion strengthened alloy

OLED Oscilloscope

Optical Fibers and LEDs - Three Projects V

Organic materials essential for life on Earth are found for the first time on the surface of an asteroid

Outdoor Sensor Using Low-Code

OV7670 Camera Shield VerII FPGA Servo Controller V

Perseverance rover: NASA’s Mars car to seek signs of ancient life V

Photon-photon polaritons: the intriguing particles that emerge when two photons couple


Play Hunt the Wumpus, Raspberry Pi Pico style

Pocket Weather Station | Your Self-Care Weather Assistant on the Go V

Project MODI V

Pushing the Frontier of Extreme Light-Matter Interaction Research

Random numbers: Faster, and from a laser

Real-Time Monitoring Tool Speeds Up Advanced Nuclear Reactor Development

Relativity Space unveils a reusable, 3D-printed rocket to compete with SpaceX’s Falcon 9

Researchers Detects Chiral Structures using Vortex Light

Researchers introduce a new generation of tiny, agile drones V

Rfid Nfc Arduino Access Terminal V

RGB Lamp WiFi V

Robot “Hears” through the Ear of a Locust V

Samsung Breaks 5G Speed Record, Reaching 5.23Gbps

Shadow Box Internet Clock with NeoPixel Visualization V

Silver and gold nanowires open the way to better electrochromic devices

Smart Bed Side Lamp for Patients

Snakeskin inspires new, friction-reducing material

SpaceX launches 60 new Starlink satellites, while Starship moves closer to being able to launch up to 400 at a time

SpaceX’s SN10 Starship prototype lands after epic test launch — but then explodes V

Tiny Wooden Lamp

Toshiba Launches Thin and Compact LDO Regulators that Help to Reduce Device Size and Stabilize Power Line Output

Toyota Breaks Ground for “Woven City”

Underground Cable Fault Detection V

zine machine is a compact 3d-printed block printing press