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This is new version of an MQTT connected fingerprint sensor using capacitive sensor and OLED display, originally developed by Lewis Barcley,

I have Home Assistant platform at home, which I am using, among several other things, to control home surveillance using cameras and sensors. First I tried to use presence detection to turn on and off the surveillance system. But this caused several problems related to presence detection.

Then I saw the nice project implemented by Lewis Barcley, which I planned to use to turn off the surveillance system. The device worked nicely in general, but the sensor (FPM10A) caused several communication errors making it unreliable and slow, which were also reported by others. Furthermore, the sensor has very bright light.

After searching for alternatives, I ended up choosing SEN0348, a capacitive fingerprint sensor. This is much more reliable and faster than FPM10A and has a nice informative led light.

This solution includes the following changes to Lewis’s solution:

The fingerprint sensor is SEN0348, a capacitive fingerprint sensor with ID809, see
Status and actions are shown in an OLED screen, in this example I have used Without changes any 128x64 IC2 OLED display should work and with small changes also other displays
The display is controlled using u8g2, see
Names for fingerprints are stored into EEPROM
I have also attached 3d models for the case.”

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