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Connected Thermostat

Monitoring accurately the temperature in your home is definitely one of the best way to save on your energy bill. At the same time you want to feel well in a warm home during winter time.
My current thermostat only allows a static programmation:
I can define a day temperature (around 19/20 to not heat too much) and a night (or no one at home) temperature (16) For each weekday, I can define time range to apply day temperature and time range to apply night temperature) Additionally, I can manually adjust the temperature that will be taken in account until the next time range is reachedNot so bad but
I cannot monitor the temperature remotely: specially when coming from vacation, I am not able to warm the home before we arrive. I cannot stop heating automatically when there is no one at home. I cannot take in account other parameters that impacts home temperature like sunshine during the day (warming home), winds (cooling home)… I cannot have control on temperature set by my wife, overheating all day at 25C …”

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