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The home air conditioner is the first thing I want to connect to the Smart Home system because we can order the air conditioner before reaching the room. Come back and meet the cool air. Welcome. And if you use a traditional remote You must set the time to turn off the air conditioner every time you open Or whether waking up to the air in the morning But for this Smart Home system, you can set the time to automatically turn off the air conditioner for every day or let it turn off before leaving the house.

In this blog, I will tell you what I have done. That is the solution for controlling the air conditioner via wifi - but this blog I will not intend for it to be a tutorial that everyone can follow. Because the air of each house is different from each other and each person’s setup is not the same (I use HomeBridge). Anyone interested in doing it may have to have a certain level, but I will explain it as a step.”

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