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Made a new version of PEN Holder with few features

The goal was to create a pen stand that was entirely different from the typical pen stand. It would have a number of features, such as a room temperature and humidity meter, an onboard light for aesthetics and illumination, and a USB port that could supply 5V to power various devices, including smartphones.

Version 1 of the PenStand I constructed last year was large and heavy; Version 2 is more compact and has an additional ESP8266 Setup that is connected to an SSD1306 OLED and an AHT10 Sensor.

Material Required
The following were the materials used in this build.

- Custom PCBs Provided by PCBWAY
- ESP12F Module
- SSD1306 OLEDAHT10 Sensor
- RED LEDs 5mm
- IP5306 Power Management IC
- 1uF 0805 Package Capacitors
- Li-ion 18650 Cell Holder
- Li-ion 3.7V 2900mAh Cell
- 3D-printed parts
- 10K Resistor
- 5.6 Ohms 1206 Package Resistor
- USB Type C Port”

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