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A water detector powered by a LiPO battery that transmits its status and notifications via MQTT to Home Assistant.

A while back my indoor air conditioner air handler’s condensation pipe clogged and caused a small flood. Thankfully we were home and so it didn’t cause much damage. So instead of being sensible and getting a $15 water alarm from Home Depot, I decided to spend an inordinate amount of time, money, and effort into creating a water alarm device I could put anywhere and notify me if a water leak happens again. My version will not only screech an annoying pitch at me but will also send me a notification to my Home Assistant which will let me know via phone and email. Oh.. and it should run on a 2500 mAh LiPO battery for about 2439 hours or around 101 days and 15 hours (according to

Main Features
- Battery powered - No need to run power cables to the device. Battery can last several months before recharging.
- WifI enabled - Sends MQTT notifications to my Home Assistant server.
- Battery level warnings - Notifies me via Home Assistant when battery level is low.
- Small and easy to install - Once reprogrammed with your wifi and MQTT server settings, set it where water needs to be detected (like at the bottom of your air handler unit).”

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