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3D printing can now manufacture customized sensors for robots, pacemakers, and more

8x8x8 LED Cube Using Arduino

AMD Launches Ryzen Embedded V3000 Series Processors Delivering New Levels of Performance and Power Efficiency for “Always-On” Storage and Networking

Automated 35mm Slide Digitizer

Automatic Pill or Medication Dispenser V

Breadboard Air guitar

Clone PI-W Atmega8 (Arduino) Metal Detector short Review V

Contribute To Open Source: The Right Way 3Rd Edition

ESP8266 Development Board Battery Powered and Solar Powered V

First single-crystal organometallic perovskite optical fibres

Four terminal perovskite-silicon PV tandem devices hit 30% efficiency

Full control of a six-qubit quantum processor in silicon

Hooked on Photonics? Math to the Rescue

Hot gas bubble swirls around the heart of the Milky Way

How to Make a Neopixel Rainbow Clock V

Intel Launches 13th Gen Intel Core Processor Family Alongside New Intel Unison Solution

LoraWan Based Smart Agriculture Monitoring V

Magnetic Field Helps Thick Battery Electrodes Tackle Electric Vehicle Challenges

Metasurface engineered to create three different images depending on illumination

Milliohm meter theory and project

MIT engineers build a battery-free, wireless underwater camera V

NASA’s DART Mission Hits Asteroid in First-Ever Planetary Defense Test V

NASA’s Juno Shares First Image From Flyby of Jupiter’s Moon Europa

New 3D printing method designed by Stanford engineers promises faster printing with multiple materials

New evidence for liquid water beneath the south polar ice cap of Mars

OLED Is My New Picture Gallery

onsemi Launches Automotive Silicon Carbide-Based Power Module Trio for On-Board Chargers

PCMCIA Pico W Card V

Plan to research solar power from space

Power Deliverer

Project Agouti V


Quantum technology reaches unprecedented control over captured light

Red/Green/Blue Disco Tile V

Renesas’ ClockMatrix System Synchronizer Delivers Class D Compliance for O-RAN S-Plane Requirements

Renesas Expands RZ/V Series with Built-in Vision AI Accelerator for Accurate Image Recognition and Multi-Camera Image Support

Renesas Launches Integrated Development Environment That Enables ECU-Level Automotive Software Development Without Hardware

Researchers capture first images of carbon dioxide emissions from commercial aircraft engine

Rooftop tomato plant monitoring system V

Scientists bring the fusion energy that lights the sun and stars closer to reality on Earth

Scientists supercharge search for key ingredient of next-gen lithium batteries

Simple Bluetooth Car with Android App

Smart Bike Suspension V

Solar Power Irrigation Schedular for Precision Farming

Sound Reactive Rib Cage V

STMicroelectronics expands 5V op-amp family, to optimize power and signal-conditioning performance

STMicroelectronics’ multi-pixel driver with CAN FD Light powers next-generation automotive lighting

The cyborg of the future looks just like you

The MagPi 122

Toshiba Boosts Transparent Cu2O Tandem Solar Cell to A New High

Upgrading your Computer to Quantum

USB PD Inverter

We proved Schrödinger wrong about color perception

Wireless Die and Wireless Receiver Using ESP-Now (Mental Die) V

12V Lamp Flashing Circuit V

3D printing drones work like bees to build and repair structures while flying V

A Arduino RP2040 Standalone IoT Computer Running BASIC

AMD Ryzen 7020 Series Processors for Mobile Bring High-End Performance and Long Battery Life to Everyday Users

Ball Balancing Robot | Arduino Object Detection Via OpenCV V

Brains on board: Smart microrobots walk autonomously V

Build DIY Maze Game Using Arduino V

Cat’s Eye Nebula seen in 3D

CCNY researchers create new magnetic quasiparticle

Combination Password Locker V

Conventional Computers Can Learn to Solve Tricky Quantum Problems

DC Motor Open Loop Vs Closed Loop Demonstrator

Elements of Programming

ESP8266 Smart Shoe (pedometer)

FreeCAD for Makers

From atomic to nuclear clocks

Functional Safety Certification Packages for Microchip FPGAs Speed Time to Market

Fundamental research improves understanding of new optical materials

HackSpace magazine #59

Hand Gesture Control Robot Via bluetooth V

Heat-resistant nanophotonic material could help turn heat into electricity

Highly integrated PFC boost controllers from STMicroelectronics eliminate startup-circuit design challenges

How do magnetic fields affect star formation and high-energy-density lab experiments?

How to setup Pico as Edge device with Edge Impulse

Joule Thief LED Tea Light Adapter V

Key Element for a Scalable Quantum Computer

KITT: a Line Following Robot

LANL is brewing beer at the speed of sound

Machine learning generates 3D model from 2D pictures

Microchip Unveils Industry’s First Terabit-Scale Secure Ethernet PHY Family with Port Aggregation for Enterprise and Cloud Interconnect

NASA’s Asteroid-Striking DART Mission Team Has JPL Members

NASA’s Juno Will Perform Close Flyby of Jupiter’s Icy Moon Europa

New 3D printing process offers novel energy storage design options

New technology for aviation materials to allow adjusting their properties

New Webb Image Captures Clearest View of Neptune’s Rings in Decades

NVIDIA CEO Unveils Next-Gen RTX GPUs, AI Workflows in the Cloud V

Passive cooling system could benefit off-grid locations

Patented Wave Energy Technology Gets Its Sea Legs

Raspberry Pi Pico Thermometer & Clock V

Researchers Uncover How to 3D-Print One of the Strongest Stainless Steels

Self Balancing WiFi Controlled Robot with PanTilt Camera V

Silent Omni-Directional Desk Fan V

SMD Reflow Hot Plate V

Soft robots that grip with the right amount of force V

Solvent study solves solar cell durability puzzle V

Speed Reading LTC

Temperature /Pressure meter using Arduino

The Magneto-Optic Modulator

Thermal camera with 0.96 oled monochrome display V

Thermal Printer Controller Hardware

Toshiba’s Double-Transmon Coupler Will Realize Faster, More Accurate Superconducting Quantum Computers

UCI and national lab researchers develop a cobalt-free cathode for lithium-ion batteries

Ultracold circuits

Under pressure: solid matter takes on new behavior

USB PD Adapter

Water Flow Meter

WiFi Sync Clock 2 V

Wireless, Battery-Powered, Water Detector V

Wrapping of nanosize copper cubes can help convert carbon dioxide into other chemicals

3D printed surfaces inspired by nature

A quantum network of entangled atomic clocks

Back to the Future: Gear Edition

Budget 2-Axis CNC Build

Decimal to Hexadecimal Converter V

Dense Liquid Droplets Act as Cellular Computers

Digital Clock With 7-segment LED Display

Digital Light Pipes Fiber Optic Clock V

Digitized Audio Analog Volume

DIY 7 Segment Display

DIY Non-Contact Tachometer (RPM Meter) With Arduino and IR Sensor

Early detection of workers falls with Machine Learning

Electric Limiter

Electronic MasterMind Game

ESP8266 Programming Shield is Insane

Espboy - Esp12E Based Gaming Console V

First light at the most powerful laser in the US V

Functional Safety, Cybersecurity Protection and AUTOSAR Compatibility Features Now Available on 32-bit MCU Based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ Core

Hitting the bull’s eye

IBM scientists cool down the world’s largest quantum-ready cryogenic concept system V

Interwoven: Charge and magnetism intertwine in kagome material

It’s here: please welcome Arduino IDE 2.0

Mapping The Milky Way V

Measuring Air Quality with an Accelerometer V


Moral illusions may alter our behaviour

MPU9250 & MPU9265 calibration 9-DOF V

Mysterious diamonds came from outer space, scientists say

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Investigates Geologically Rich Mars Terrain

New laser-based instrument designed to boost hydrogen research

New multi-channel visible light communication system uses single optical path

New phases of water detected

NIST and Google to Create New Supply of Chips for Researchers and Tech Startups

onsemi Imaging Technology Enables Next Era of Digital Cinematography

Optical rule was made to be broken

Portable and rechargeable Ultraviolet (UV) radiation meter

Reading Glasses Stereoscope

Redefining the global computing infrastructure with next-generation Arm Neoverse platforms

Renesas’ New Resolver 4.0 Catalog Offers 80 Market-Ready Inductive Position Sensor Designs

Researchers at SLAC use purified liquid xenon to search for mysterious dark matter particles V

Smart Cashier with Edge Impulse FOMO

STMicroelectronics reveals advanced VDA-compliant LIN alternator regulator, raising performance and flexibility of 12V car systems

Study: Astronomers risk misinterpreting planetary signals in James Webb data

The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2023

The Physics of Walking is Simpler Than We Thought

Through the quantum looking glass

Tiny, caterpillar-like soft robot folds, rolls, grabs and degrades V

uProbe - simple logic probe V

Wi-Fi programmable room thermostat with air quality monitor

A Cosmic Tarantula, Caught by NASA’s Webb

A deep dive into the interior of red dwarfs

Arduino Bluetooth Car

Arduino Bluetooth Controlled Solar Smart Security for Home V

Arduino matrix scrolling weather station and Clock with BME V

Arduino Soundlab V

Automated Door Security System

Birmingham telescope discovers two new temperate rocky worlds

CityU invents a method to convert 3D-printed polymer into a 100-times stronger, ductile hybrid carbon microlattice material V

Collaborative machine learning that preserves privacy

Controlling Objects in Unity with a 9 DoF Sensor and Arduino

DIY Arduno “Ohmeter” + 0.96” OLED Display +Indication LEDs + Custom PCB V

DIY Wireless Water Level Controller V

Door Security System

ESP 32 Based Audio Player

ESP32 Keypad Database Security System V

ESPHome Remote V

Fast charging over 10,000 cycles: For future electric vehicles, Harvard engineers’ solid-state battery technology points to a leap in performance and reliability

Flexible power modules from STMicroelectronics simplify SiC inverter designs

Holo Clock V

How to connect a guitar to an ADSL router? V

I made my own NRF24L01 module

Intel and Broadcom Achieve Major Wi-Fi 7 Industry Milestone

IoT based health monitoring system

ITMO Researchers Suggest All-Optical Data Processing Method Using Heating

Korean nuclear fusion reactor achieves 100 million°C for 30 seconds

LATTEintosh DIY Mini PC V

Lensless camera creates 3D images from single exposure

Lithuanian researchers created new materials that might increase the stability of perovskite solar cells

Major leap for stable high-efficiency perovskite solar cells

Micro Component Tester

Motion detection with an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi Pico

Multifactor RFID and One Time Password Door Access Module

New cathode design solves major barrier to better lithium-ion batteries

New Fur For The Quantum Cat. Quantum Materials: Entanglement Of Many Atoms Discovered For The First Time

New on-chip frequency comb is 100x more efficient

OLED RGB CO2 Monitor

Open Source StopWatch

P2P Communication using LoRa E5

Partyline Telephone Ringer

Physicists Invent Intelligent Quantum Sensor of Light Waves


PS4 Controller Breakout Board PCB V

Raspberry Pi Pico W Home Assistant Starter Project Using arduino-pico

Renesas Extends Leading RISC-V Embedded Processing Portfolio with New Motor Control ASSP Solution

Researchers Demonstrate New, More Energy-Efficient Devices Using Gallium Nitride

Researchers devise tunable conducting edge

Revolutionizing image generation by AI: Turning text into images

Robobug: a rechargeable, remote-controllable cyborg cockroach

Scientists See Spins in a 2D Magnet

Scientists use novel method to make promising battery material

STMicroelectronics sets the scene for advanced in-car safety and comfort with new hybrid sensor for full interior monitoring


Turning carbon dioxide into valuable products

UD engineers harness the power of artificial intelligence and acoustic engineering to explore underwater worlds

Upgraded Laser Facility Paves the Way for Next-Generation Particle Accelerators

Variable focus thin lens designed for augmented and virtual reality headsets

3D artificial pneumatic muscles for future “makers”

AI that can learn the patterns of human language

AMD Launches Ryzen 7000 Series Desktop Processors with “Zen 4” Architecture: the Fastest Core in Gaming

Arduino Gainclone 2.0

Arduino, PLC based SCADA for water treatment plant

Carbon dioxide in an exoplanet atmosphere

DIY Brushless DC Motor (Newman Motor) V

DIY Camera Slider for Content Creation V

Driving a VFD with MAX7219 V

Electronics Projects Power Bank V

Engineers Solve Data Glitch on NASA’s Voyager 1

ESP RainMaker IoT Project With Google Alexa Bluetooth & IR V

First Socketed SoC Processors for Edge Innovation

Fraunhofer Research Leads Way Into Future of Robotics V

Greening hydrocarbon separation and crude oil refining

Hornsea 2, the world’s largest windfarm, enters full operation

I made an Induction SOLDERING IRON V

Mimicking Termites to Generate New Materials

MIT’s MOXIE experiment reliably produces oxygen on Mars

MSU researchers help reveal a ‘blueprint’ for photosynthesis

New photodetector design inspired by plant photosynthesis

Peering Into Mirror Nuclei, Physicists See Unexpected Pairings

Power Supply With Current Meters

Print, Recycle, Repeat: Scientists Demonstrate a Biodegradable Printed Circuit

Raspberry Pi Quadrascopic Camera

Renesas Unveils New-Generation Si IGBTs for Electric Vehicle Inverters

Researchers use infrared light to wirelessly transmit power over 30 meters


Scientists Grow Lead-Free Solar Material With a Built-In Switch

Silicon image sensor that computes

STMicroelectronics introduces Stellar P6 automotive MCU for EV platform system integration

SU(N) matter is about 3 billion times colder than deep space

TinyML Made Easy: Sound Classification (KWS)

Tip tricks control reactions in a single molecule

Toshiba Launches its 3rd Generation SiC MOSFETs that Contribute to the Higher Efficiency of Industrial Equipment

Toshiba Releases Smart Gate Driver Photocoupler that Helps Simplify Design of Peripheral Circuits for Power Devices

USB Promoter Group Announces USB4® Version 2.0

VaderCam 1.0

Why ‘erasure’ could be key to practical quantum computing

Wio Terminal Tetris Game V